James Edstrom On NBC About Macy's Fireworks Abuse

GOOD RIDDANCE !  We are jumping for joy here in Hunters Point South now that Macy's will not be here this year. Every year they come into our neighborhood and abuse us. They lock us up like animals, they take away our freedom while they celebrate freedom. They ignore residents e mails asking for some kind of kindness from this corporate monster. They fight with us about everything and take everything and leave us with a empty holiday.

We go on TV to complain, they do nothing but pass the buck around and every year we end up locked up like caged animals in our building. They blame Homeland Security, Homeland security blames Macy's and every year it is the same, locked up like caged animals. Our pets are terrified with all the fireworks blowing up, our air is polluted and they leave a mess that we have to deal with. Macy's entertains their employees, their best customers, their buyers and we are left footing the bill by our holiday being ruined.

Macy's claims they do this for New York City, but the end result is Macy's gets 500 million or more in free publicity for this event every year. If there was not publicity, they would not do it. They are not the good neighbor they claim they are. Just a big corporate bully who get's away with these events year after year. They claim it is good for businesses, not true. The streets are blocked off everywhere and the local businesses lose business as no one can get to them. We are subjected to ID checks on our street, locked in cages in front of our buildings and every year we try to deal with Macy's and they just ignore us. Not a good company, not a good neighbor. Even famed NY Post Page Six backed us up on the abuse as did publications worldwide.

 We are thrilled they decided to go to Brooklyn. Let them stay there.


NEW YORK -- This Independence Day, one of New York City’s most iconic landmarks will set the stage for a dazzling pyrotechnic spectacle, as the 43rd Annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks® ignites the night with an unparalleled barrage of color, light and sound, live from the Brooklyn Bridge. On Thursday, July 4 at approximately 9:20 p.m. millions of spectators lining the waterways on the lower East River and millions more on television nationwide will be enthralled by the awe-inspiring display, as Macy’s Fireworks launch tens of thousands of shells and effects from the bridge and from four barges positioned along the shores of Pier 17 at the Seaport District.

“Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks will light up the New York City skyline once again with the nation’s best and largest Independence Day celebration”

“Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks will light up the New York City skyline once again with the nation’s best and largest Independence Day celebration,” said Susan Tercero, executive producer of Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks. “We are excited to once again work with our partners in the City of New York to make the iconic Brooklyn Bridge the star of our show. With a barrage of stunning shells and effects launching from its grand span and towers, along with tens of thousands more effects coloring the night from barges on the lower East River, this year’s display promises to be a spectacle to remember.”

Since 1976, Macy’s Fireworks have grown in scale and artistry as they burst to life over many of New York City’s waterways and neighborhoods. Incorporating landmarks and celebratory milestones is a Macy’s Fireworks signature. Macy’s last showcased the Brooklyn Bridge when its structure served as the launchpad for key moments in the 2014 show. This year’s presentation will add three times more pyrotechnic firepower as Macy’s creative team expands the design to include more dazzling and intricate effects firing from locations spanning the entire bridge. On Independence Day, millions of spectators will enjoy jaw-dropping effects launching from more than a dozen points off the famed Brooklyn landmark throughout the 25-minute display.

Macy’s glittering spectacle is made possible in part by™, Green Giant®, New York Life, Pier 17 at The Seaport District and The Howard Hughes Corporation, SOUR PATCH KIDS® Candy, with the Official Countdown by Bulova, and is presented in partnership with the City of New York. Revelers lining viewing locations are encouraged to enjoy the full Macy’s Fireworks experience by tuning in to radio station 1010 WINS to hear the musical score to which the show is choreographed. Spectators from coast-to-coast will also have a front row view of the pyro in the sky by tuning to NBC’s national broadcast of “Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular” (check local listings). In addition to the pyrotechnics, the 4th of July’s most popular entertainment special will feature performances from the nation’s hottest musical acts.

For more information on the 43rd annual Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks, please visit or call the Macy’s Fireworks Hotline at (212) 494-4495. Full details on this year’s spectacle including public viewing locations and access points, special performances and more, will be announced in early June 2019.

About Macy's 4th of July Fireworks

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks are the nation’s largest 4th of July pyrotechnic celebration. Produced by Macy’s and designed by Macy’s in conjunction with PyroSpectaculars by Souza of Rialto, CA, Macy’s Fireworks are a digitally-synchronized display of firepower that is choreographed to a rousing popular music and patriotic score. Since 1976, Macy’s Fireworks have been annually launched from various locations across New York City featuring shells and effects from all over the world. Seen by more than 2 million spectators and millions of viewers nationwide via a two-hour #1 rated entertainment special, Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks have become the nation’s premiere Independence Day event.