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Tuesday, March 27, 2018



NBC NEWS -- A historic estate on Long Island was destroyed in a fire Monday night, according to authorities.

The Ebo Hill mansion, on Edgewood Avenue in Smithtown, was gutted in the blaze about 8 p.m., officials said.

A cause for the blaze wasn't immediately available, but the fire comes just weeks after a prospective owner told Newsday that he was going to restore the 11,000-square-foot home to "look like it did the day it was new." It's not clear if the sale had been completed.

Sunday, March 18, 2018



NBC NEWS NY -- A man tried to rob an MTA clerk with a rock at a Manhattan subway station, but came away empty-handed, police say.

The man used the rock to smash the clerk's booth window at the East Broadway F train station on the Lower East Side Wednesday night, according to police.

After shattering the window, he demanded cash from the clerk and even claimed to have a gun in addition to the stone, police said.

The clerk refused to hand over any cash and the man took off. He was last seen heading towards the NYCHA Rutgers Houses, police said.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018



Story By: James Edstrom

Neighbors On NBC Protesting Treatment From Macy's In 2017

Sources are alleging Macy's has been banned from their 4th of July show 2018 in the Hudson River. The store announced last year that they would be rotating the event, but communities around New York City, including many tenants in Hunters Point South who have been abused by this event the past three years, say they do not want Macy's here.

This story took a lot of digging as we have hosted them for 3 years straight here in Hunters Point South and many of the residents here do not want this event. Macy's was asked for comment on this story, in fact we asked two Macy's publicity persons and they ignored our requests. We also asked them in the E-Mail to have the residents be part of the conservation so we are not locked up as they do every year for this party that only benefits Macy's with 500 million worth of free publicity. Macy's celebrates freedom while it takes the residents including Vets and Seniors freedom away. Still no comment from Macy's.

  We were so outraged by the treatment from this event, we went to NBC News and the NY Post last year, who agreed the way residents here are treated is a horror. Macy's make no arrangements for the residents. We are at ground zero and we are locked down.The story was picked up worldwide and still Macy's did not contact us to make arrangements for the residents here.

Last year we as residents of Hunters Point South, who are right in the center of this Macy's event each year, tried to be pro active and arrange our our party in our own location. We got approval from the police department, we arranged for food and beverage. Days before the event, Macy's came to the park and found out we had a parking lot and told the 108th Police Department they needed it for their event. So as always, Macy's got their way, at the expense of the community and got our parking lot leaving us no way to enjoy the holiday. But the sad fact was, they commandeered our parking lot and did not even use it and once again we were locked up like criminals. Police Department Blames Macy's, Macy's blames Homeland Security and they all pass the buck around.

We have held this story for a few weeks now. But I saw the signs, Homeland Security here, Macy's personal here. This has been confirmed, Macy's is throwing their 4th of July Event at Hunters Point South. And once again they are not allowing us as residents of this community to be part of the conservation.

This is part of a bigger story. This is how the parks department gives our parks away to private entities who makes millions off public space with just about no benefit to the community. But this is a bigger story we will be bringing to main stream television media very soon. We have park contracts, we have sources and this is a story that will blow the lid off these park contracts that are given to persons that are friends with politicians and have the inside track.

Comment below as you see fit!

Friday, June 30, 2017


While Macy's Celebrates Freedom They Take It Away from Veterans And Seniors


There is really nothing I can say about the treatment we get from Macy's having this event in our park every year. This year they really screwed us.

Knowing how the last two years with us being locked up like animals for Macy's, this year I decided to be pro active. It took weeks, but I got permission from the 108th police department to have a dinner served to our veterans and seniors as well as tenants who stayed in town, in the vacant lot across the street. It was all set. LIC Landing Coffeed, the restaurant in the park agreed to give us the same food as Macy's. Urban Market was donating the paper goods and the rest, we were going to buy for the tenants. We thought to ourselves, this year we will have fun finally.

How wrong we were. Macy's who was unaware that we had a vacant property across the street from our building, was told by the police department that we were having a little bash. The story I get is, Macy's popped up and said you have a vacant piece of land, we want it. And the police department instead of standing their ground, gave it to them.

So now we have no where. The 108th refuses to let us throw the bash on closed streets, closed sidewalks or anywhere. This is just not right. We had a deal.

Locked Up By Macy's

So as you can see from the photo I am posting with the NBC News video, we are not happy. We are locked in front of our building in a 6 ft by 6 ft cage from 1pm to after the fireworks. We can not even watch them. Homeland security took our sky lounge, our gym and all our amenities for their snipers. Mayor De Blasio is having a party on the school roof which I will see from my window. Everyone will have a holiday, everyone will have a great time, except the residents of Hunters Point South Crossing.

Last year we had Macy's executive's using our bathrooms and hogging all our elevators. The police department also. We had after the Macy's Fireworks Macy's employees throwing up in our lobby and bathrooms. They all had a good time and once again they ruined our holiday.

Already the drama is starting. Macy's pre tapes most of show, did you know that? Most of the show is fake, not live. Tonight they are filming J-Low. This weekend the rest of the performers. The 4th of July show is only the MC who pretends it is all live. The set, the Empire State Building, everything is set to what it will be on July 4th. Fake!

Macy's will not be allowed to have this event again in Long Island City. I will make sure of that, I will sue if I have too. All I asked was for a little space, space that our building owns, to have a little something for our Vets and Seniors. Shame On Macy's. All I asked was for Macy's to be kind to the community they were walking all over. BOYCOTT MACY'S!

A special thank you to Michael George and Pei-Sze Cheng from NBC News for doing the story!


Friday, November 25, 2016


Florence Henderson

I am really saddened by the news that Florence Henderson has died. She was a old time legend with class who I just loved to photograph. 

Many times I was on a photo shoot and there was Florence. I photographed her on Broadway, at Macy's and many other places around New York City. I even photographed her on a Brady Bunch cruise around Manhattan with most of the cast. She was a very kind lady and most of all, I always felt good being around her. Once again we have lost a angel!

NBC NEWS -- Florence Henderson, who wrangled six unruly kids in a blended family on TV's "The Brady Bunch," died Thursday night in Los Angeles at 82, her manager confirmed.

Kayla Pressman, Henderson's manager, said the actress died of heart failure surrounded by family and friends.

At the time of her death, Henderson was hosting a talk show, "The Florence Henderson Show," and a cooking show, "Who's Cooking With Florence Henderson," on Retirement Living TV — showcasing the versatility that kept her in the public eye for decades.

She started in show business as a singer and soon moved into acting, studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. She was soon starring in musicals — notably the touring production of "Oklahoma!" — and she made her Broadway debut at age 18 in the 1952 musical "Wish You Were Here."

Beginning in 1954, Henderson gave almost 1,000 performances playing the title role in the Broadway hit "Fanny."

TV soon took notice. Henderson was one of what were then called "Today Girls," delivering the weather on NBC's TODAY.

But by far her best-known role was that of Carol Brady, which aired from 1969 to 1974 in its original format and never really went away. "The Brady Bunch Hour" aired 1977, followed by "The Brady Brides" in 1981 and "The Bradys" in 1990.

Maureen McCormick, who starred as daughter Marcia Brady, called Henderson "a dear friend for so very many years" on Twitter early Friday.

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences called Henderson "one of the truly great entertainers," saying in a statement: "Florence was not only America's favorite TV mom, but television royalty as the first Today Show Girl on NBC to her own daytime talk show and, of course, the iconic role of Mrs. Brady on 'The Brady Bunch.'"

In her autobiography, "Life Is Not a Stage," Henderson admitted having cheated on her first husband, Ira Bernstein, whom she married in January 1956. One of her affairs, she wrote, was with John Lindsay, the dashing mayor of New York City during the 1960s.

Henderson and Bernstein, who had four children, divorced in 1985. Henderson later married hypnotherapist John Kappas, who died in 2002.

Thursday, June 26, 2014



Photos By: Patrick McMullan

Jean Shafiroff With Chuck Scarborough And Sharon Bush

Ellen And Chuck Scarborough, Jean Shafiroff And Robert Chaloner

The Ellen Hermanson Foundation held their annual Summer Solstice to honor Robert Chaloner, President and CEO of Southampton Hospital and Jean Shafiroff, for her philanthropic work. Attended by 400 guests, the event raised over $200,000 for the foundation.

Starting at 6pm, a small group attended a champagne reception and tour of the Ellen Hermanson Breast Center at the Southampton Hospital. Attendees bore witness to the unveiling of ‘The Martin and Jean Shafiroff Examination Room’, and the donation of two beautiful Pink Dogwood trees in honor of Chuck and Ellen Scarborough that will flank the new center entrance upon its opening. The Shafiroff’s and the Scarborough’s names, and those of Robert Chaloner and Oscar Mandez were all added to the centers Wall of Honor.