Perez Hilton

Gossip King Perez Hilton posted this video today. In it he is crying and says he is a addict. He say's not drugs or alcohol, but does not say why he is a addict. Sex Addict or what? 

CAPTION ON YOU TUBE: I am an addict. I was unsure if I should make this video. This is just step one of change that I need to make. I think this is healthy. I hope.


Perez, I met you right at the time you started to get fame at Sirius radio. We did many shows together. You were fun, we all went out for drinks and you seemed very happy, even know you were not famous yet, even know you could not pay your rent, you were happy. 

This business is a killer. Everyone takes and takes and you never can count of people to just "do the right thing".  After 30 years of photographing these celebrities, 30 years of doing television shows, I just got burnt out by being burned by all these people in the business and many so called friends.

Just shows you, money and famed can not make you happy. For many years I have been miserable and now I rarely go out, even know I am invited everywhere. It's always come have dinner with this famous person or that famous person and the catch phrase is always, "don't forget your camera".

It might be time to do what I did. Stay away from these celebrity parties, stay home day and night relaxing.  You run the business and don't let the business run you. Turn off your phones and computers, shut out the world. Don't answer the phone.  Do this every few days for a few days every time. 

Perez, you do not look good. Looks like you are not eating.  If things get worse, call for help. I am sorry this business has been so hard on you!