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FOX News Channel (FNC) will present a one-hour special tonight entitled “Fox News Reporting: Beauty & the Beast – When Kate met Chapo,” hosted by Geraldo Rivera on Saturday, May 7th, 2016 at 8:00PM/ET and Sunday, May 8th, 2016 at 9:00PM/ET. In this program, Rivera sits down with Mexican actress Kate del Castillo to discuss her relationship with Joaquin Guzman, better known as the head of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, “El Chapo.” She goes in-depth on how the two became pen-pals in addition to the secret meeting they later had with Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn.

Also during this special, Rivera reports on Chapo’s pending extradition to the United States, his fascination with Donald Trump, the role the Mexican government has played, as well as the potential impact his incarceration will have on the drug scourge in the U.S. Additionally, Rivera talks with former assistant special agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Special Operations Division for the Americas, Carl Pike.

The Beast: In our graphic real-life story the beast is billionaire drug kingpin Joaquin Guzman, the head of the ruthless Sinaloa Drug Cartel, better known as “El Chapo” (‘Shorty’). Labeled: The bin Laden of Drug Dealers by the DEA, El Chapo was at large after escaping for a 2nd time from Altiplano Mexico’s most secure prison.

The Beauty: The beauty is Kate del Castillo, the sultry Mexican actress whose character Teresa Mendoza in the wildly popular Mexican prime time soap opera La Reina del Sur (‘Queen of the South’) became El Chapo’s destructive obsession. The fictional Teresa was a ruthless though charismatic drug dealer, and Chapo identified with her and he was crazy about Kate.

This in-depth special report chronicles how El Chapo and Kate became pen-pals, exchanging highly suggestive text messages both while he was in prison and later when he was on the lam.

The Jungle Rendezvous: So desperate was the world’s most wanted fugitive to see the object of his fascination that he risked everything to meet her face-to-face in a jungle rendezvous. Kate brought Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn with her for the high-stakes meeting.

Mexican and American authorities agree that El Chapo’s recapture was the direct result of the Beast’s need to see his Beauty.

The Special Report: With exclusive interviews with Ms. Del Castillo, Mexican authorities, DEA operatives and reporting from Beverly Hills to the Altiplano Prison in Mexico from which Chapo escaped, this Fox News special report chronicles the obsession; the rendezvous; the role Sean Penn played both during and after the steamy jungle meeting; the role of the Mexican government; the pending extradition of Guzman to the United States; his fascination with Donald Trump; and the impact, if any, Chapo’s incarceration will have on the terrible drug scourge his Sinaloa drug cartel has unleashed on the United States.

About Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera is currently host of Geraldo Rivera Reports on Fox News Channel (FNC). He joined the network in 2001 as a war correspondent. Rivera began his career as a reporter for WABC-TV in New York where he presented a series exposing the deplorable conditions at the Willowbrook State School for the mentally ill. These award-winning reports led to a government investigation and the institution was eventually shut down.

Before becoming a member of the original cast of ABC's Good Morning America, Rivera presented the first television broadcast of the infamous Abraham Zapruder film of the assassination of President John Kennedy as host of ABC's Good Night America. He then began an eight-year association with ABC's 20/20 as an investigative reporter. One of his hour-long reports, The Elvis Cover-Up was for more than two decades 20/20's highest rated shows. In 1987, Geraldo began producing and hosting his ground breaking talk show The Geraldo Rivera Show for 11 years. In 1998, he hosted a series of highly rated investigative specials on NBC.

The winner of the 2000 Robert F. Kennedy journalism award (his third) for his NBC News documentary on Women In Prison, and the Scripps Howard Foundation national journalism award for Back to Bedlam, Rivera has received more than 170 awards for journalism, including the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award, three national and seven local Emmys, two Columbia-Dupont and two additional Scripps Howard Journalism Awards.

Rivera is a veteran foreign correspondent who has been on the frontlines in virtually every international conflict since 1973. He has expertise in the Afghanistan region, covering the international drug wars of tribal territories in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. His vast war experience has spanned the violent coup in Chile and the Yom Kippur War to the civil wars in Guatemala, the Philippines and Nicaragua as well as the ethnic conflicts in Lebanon (1980-83) and Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo (1998-1999). In 2000, he went to Colombia to cover the country's civil war.

Prior to joining Fox News, Rivera served as host of CNBC's number-one rated prime time show, Rivera Live, where his critically-acclaimed coverage of the O.J. Simpson civil trial verdict set an all-time CNBC ratings record.

Rivera is a graduate of the University of Arizona and Brooklyn Law School and is the author of seven books.

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