Amy Winehouse

Los Angeles, CA – E! News Chief News Correspondent, Melanie Bromley, talked exclusively with Amy Winehouse’s best friend, Juliette Ashby, in an E! News original featured posted on E! Online. In the interview Ashby discusses her experience growing up with Amy from a young age – through their adolescence and young adulthood – up until the very end. She speaks about how Amy never wanted to be famous and about the drinking and drug abuse that followed as soon as “the circus came to town.” Ashby also discusses Amy’s tragic demise and talks about the many occasions she tried to take control of the situation and save her best friend.

Select quotes from the Juliette Ashby interview include:

- “She knew I would not tolerate the behavior…I was the same best friend she had had her whole life, I didn't change. If people think tough love is a bad thing, so be it. I'm not going to watch my best friend kill herself.”

- "She was just like you and me, she had a great life with great friends and she had a lot of fun but when it all got too big, it went wrong."

- “[Amy's] intelligence was far beyond her years. But she also had the attention span of a fish, so one minute she'd be listening to an album, then she would be knitting something, and then she'd start designing a top, then she would start sewing a sequin on... If you mix that sort of personality type with life situations and then you add fame and money and influences, people who don't say no to you or [who] have other intentions for their own benefit, then it's a recipe for destruction.”

- "With addiction you have to help yourself, but you need people around you that are your support system and give you strength. You need people who will tell you 'no, this is what's going to happen because you're not in the right mind'... Even with the addiction, she fully knew what was going on. People underestimate her intelligence, we were in a nightmare...”