Beyoncé surprised her fans across the world with the secret release of her new Visual Album which was released without notice. Wanting to dress Beyoncé in luxe, statement jewelry, Beyoncé’s stylist Lysa Cooper contacted Margo Manhattan to provide the jewelry for several of Beyoncé’s videos such as Yonce, Blow, Jealous, XO and several others.

Beyoncé and her famous co-stars, Victoria’s Secret supermodels Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn and Chanel Iman, wore several pieces made by Margo Manhattan. These include drop earrings, bracelets and rings and most notably, the large sterling necklace Lysa Cooper chose for Beyoncé’s hot-pants outfit in the vide “Blow”.

Margo Manhattan paired the Joust Chain with the Fiori Pendant to create the floral-inspired necklace that was raved about all over the web. The piece has since been dubbed “the Beyoncé necklace” and is now prominently displayed at the Margo Manhattan showroom.

Other pieces made by Margo Manhattan that were seen in Beyoncé’s videos include: Christa Earrings, Crista Ring, Majesty Necklace, Lize Ring and Bardot Earrings along with several other pieces.

ABOUT Margo Manhattan: Bold, dynamic and sexy define the Margo Manhattan brand which celebrates Margo’s philosophy of enhancing beauty from the inside out. Margo aims to create a variety of looks through mixing and matching different types of chains, leather, pendants and necklaces which combine to display her signature styling. “The piece finds the person,” says Margo, who immediately focuses on each client’s unique features. She reflects every individual’s beauty by custom tailoring a look and design, whether it is for everyday wear or for a wedding, engagement or other special event.

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Photo By: RD/Orchon/Retna