A chic new southern mediterranean dining experience in the heart of New York City.

B & CO.

Rarely do the stars align as they have for B & Co., a new three-floor southern Mediterranean restaurant, lounge and social club in the coveted Plaza Square area of New York City, uniting hospitality impresario Max Burgio’s sophisticated European-style of entertaining, manager Anthony Guinehut’s restaurant industry experience & Italian architect and designer Marcello Pozzi’s elegant modern aesthetic.

Inspired by Europe’s dynamic nightlife and Old World elegance, each of B & Co.’s three levels offers a distinct experience, yet all are tied together by the establishment’s contemporary design – which aims to transport its clientele to a unique dining and entertainment experience.

Marcello Pozzi’s design makes subtle reference to classic club elegance with the copious use of mirrors alongside wood trim, classic craftsmanship and sensual materials that feels both playful and sophisticated at the same time. A selection of stunning artwork including two large format photographs, a marble statue of supermodel Cindy Crawford by artist Marco Glaviano in addition to a dramatic 40-foot mosaic along the wall of the restaurant, help to establish the unique DNA of B & Co. and set the tone for this unique experience. 

 Private 3rd Floor At B & Co.

The Restaurant

Whether dropping by to experience breakfast and a slice of Northern Italian coffee culture, the new power lunch location or sensual dinner B & Co.’s restaurant offers a chic ‘dawn through dusk’ all-day dining experience. Guests enter through B & Co.’s minimalistic fa├žade located at 14 East 58th Street, between Fifth and Madison Avenues into B & Co.’s 85-seat first floor restaurant, which features a striking marble bar with an array of premium spirits, an artfully designed combination of banquette, bar and table seating, and geometric design accents throughout.

B & Co. offers an expertly crafted menu of fine Southern Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on sourcing only the finest servings of wild-caught fish and grass-fed beef from regional organic ranchers. Each cut of meat and fish is selected by the expert chefs to ensure the highest standard of quality. In keeping with European culinary tradition, B & Co. management also prides itself on providing their guests with farm-to-table fresh produce that is sourced from local organic farms. This decided effort to use high-quality ingredients married with B & Co.’s talented culinary team has given the cuisine a distinctive edge in the field of fine dining establishments.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, B & Co.’s menu adds an inventive touch to a variety of traditional dishes. Amongst the exciting range of dishes on the menu are highlights such as the Caponata, an antipasto comprising celery, carrot, eggplant and succulent Zucchini. Classic Insalata including Nicoise, Grilled Chicken, and Red Yellow Beet. The Pizza selection includes great sharing portions of Pizza Margherita and Spicy Tuna. The pasta menu is comprised of several well-executed classics using the best ingredients including Sea Urchin with homemade Kamut & Parsley, Vongole with white wine, clams and parsley, and the Busiata Swordfish with Eggplant and mint. Of the variety of Pesce and Carne plates must-try’s include the Mediterranean Branzino baked in papillote and lemon with a choice of Meuniere or Salmoriglio dressing and, of course, the Veal Milanese with arugula and cherry tomato.

It is recommended you consider leaving some room for the old-world dessert trolley with a variety of enjoyable desserts including a fresh take on classic dishes such as the Baba au Rhum.

The Lounge

After dining, the second floor lounge a few steps away brings cutting edge DJ and music plus small plates & table service lounge experience. On B & Co.’s second level, guests can relax and mix with others in an upscale lounge lined with luxuriously upholstered banquette seating, while dining on small plates and enjoying premium cocktails. After midnight on Thursday through Saturday nights, the lounge will exclusively offer table service, both adding to the allure and glamour of an evening at B & Co. plus satisfying the demand for an elegant lounge atmosphere with first-class service in the highly sought-after Plaza Square locale.

The Private Club

Located above both the elegant first floor Restaurant and the cool second floor lounge is the discrete third floor private club decorated with distinctive artwork and unique wallpaper - a mosaic motorbike pattern by Marco Glaviano. The private club takes the lounge concept to a highly exclusive level providing music by celebrity DJ and muse of Jean-Paul Gautier, Eve plus table service for those few in the know. Membership is by application.

B & Co.

14 East 58th Street

(Between 5th and Madison Avenues)

New York City


For more information, please visit www.bandconyc.com