Katy Perry

Embrace the Dark Side as Celebrity Eyebrow Stylist Joey Healy Weighs in on the Hottest Brow Trends for Fall 2013

Put down the tweezers ladies, it’s time to embrace the dark side this fall as bold brows have made a comeback! Unlike the thick natural brows of the ‘80s, the bold brows for this season are groomed with concise arches and a less overall bushy-ness. Whether you are sporting hair that is midnight black or sandy taupe blonde, dark brows are the best accessory for the season as they step up the game in framing your face and flatter your unique bone structure. Bold brows also bring out the whites of your eyes to make them appear even whiter and enhance your eye color for a more intense look.

To achieve the perfect bold brow for fall, it is important to recognize which shade will work best for you based on your hair’s warm, cool or neutral undertones prior to selecting your shading product of choice. Choose a pencil (like Joey Healy Brow Architect Stylo, $25) if you need to sharpen up an arch, extend out a tail or cover an obvious gap/scar. Go with a powder (like Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder, $28) to give more uniform density to an already well-shaped brow that feels sparse. Pencils can be considered more corrective while powders "turn up the volume" on your shape. With that said, women sometimes have a strong preference toward one or the other based on what they personally find easiest to use. In my opinion, working with a powder is easier for a novice because, with a light hand, you can gradually build up the color. Besides at-home products, eyebrow tinting (offered at The Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio, New York City) is also a semi-permanent shading option that will enhance brows tones for a darker look. No matter which shading option you choose, be sure not to overwork the brow with color for a more natural yet polished look.

Be sure to finish off your bold brow with a non-crunchy brow gel (like Joey Healy Brow Structure Clear Set, $25) to ensure the perfect brow all day and night.

Fall Favorite Arches

Cara Delevigne

Cara has the perfect example of a bold brow that is similar to the look of Brooke Shield’s signature look from the ‘80s. With her lush but well-groomed arches, Cara Delevigne has made a break through with dark brows that complement her blonde hair and enhance her icy blue eyes.

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For blonde haired beauties looking for a brow that resembles Cara’s, I would recommend a darker brow powder (like Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder in Corduroy or Tobacco, $28, to enhance the neutral undertones. If your brows are not quite as naturally lush as Cara’s, I would recommend using a brow serum (like Joey Healy Collection Brow Renovation Serum to achieve maximum fullness within 4-6 weeks.

Kendall Jenner 

Keeping up with her cool undertones, Kendall Jenner has a chic brow that completely flatters her facial structure for a natural yet stunning look. Taking into consideration her young age, Kendall’s bold brow is far from overworked and is properly impactful for her overall beauty look.

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To get flawless arches like Kendall’s use a deep brunette toned brow pencil (like Joey Healy Collection Architect Stylo in Molasses, $25) along with a brow gel (like Joey Healy Collection Brow Structure Clear Set, $25) for perfectly finished look.

Katy Perry 

Over time we have seen Katy’s brows evolve from a pinup brow to a more natural feminine version. While there is still nothing understated about Katy Perry, her roaring bold brows now seem to flatter her facial features in a more grown up way. With her signature defined arch and deep color, Katy’s brows do not appear too filled in but are right on the mark.

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To copy Katy Perry’s look, I recommend using a waterproof brow powder (like Joey Healy Collection Luxe Brow Powder in Tobacco, $28) to really highlight and enhance the existing shape. When applying brow powder, I recommend a dual-ended brow brush (like Joey Healy Duo Brow Brush, $28) for consistent distribution.