Elvis Duran And The Z100 Morning Show

Lady Gaga On Elvis Duran

With over 50 million singles sold Lady Gaga is one of the purveyors of modern pop. Sitting down with “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” this morning after taking a year-long break following a hip injury, she said that when she is not on stage she does not feel alive.

On Canceling Her Born This Way Ball

She cancelled the US portion of her Born this Way Ball last year, and felt that she was letting down her fans when she made the announcement. “It wasn't until I felt pain onstage that I really knew I couldn't go on anymore, because I never feel pain on stage," she said.

On The Passion Behind Creating The New Album ARTPOP

With her first new album in two years titled ARTPOP, Gaga revealed that she believes more in this album than anything in the past five years.

Her rise to fame has not always been easy. When asked about breaking into the music business, she disclosed the industry at the time was oversaturated by male dominance. “It made me hard and it made me kind of vacant and insecure, and that's when I started to put on all the wigs and put on all the outfits because it was through transformation, that I was able to free myself from those insecurities.”

GAGA Discusses Her Fame Roller Coaster

Later on she said that fame is like a roller coaster, “…You can't think and you can't breathe and you don't have time to sleep.” Her secret – “You just have to go with it.”

On Reinventing Herself and Making Her Fans Happy

With her new single “Applause” released last week, Gaga once again reinvents herself. The music video for the single debuted yesterday on Good Morning America and she revealed that she loves changing to make everyone happy. Instead of becoming one icon, her excitement comes from the fact that she can be every icon instead of just one.

The Excitement Around The November 11th Release of Her Album ARTPOP

ARTPOP is due to be released on November 11, 2013. On the day of the album release Gaga will be hosting an Art Rave in New York City. What should her fans expect from the Art Rave? "When you arrive at the Art Rave, it will be a huge warehouse full of rooms where you can view all this artwork that we created together and then you can watch me live,” she said. The rave will be centered around her music and art, two things Gaga hopes to focus most on with this album.

Video Courtesy Of: Elvis Duran Show