Le Gourmet Factory Cooking School

Le Gourmet Factory Cooking School (LGF Cooking School) will be opening its doors this June in Englewood, New Jersey. Offering gourmet cooking classes for all ages and skill levels, Le Gourmet Factory Cooking School will allow guests to immerse themselves in the art of cooking at the 6,000 sq. ft., state of the art facility filled with top of the line equipment and a stunning production-ready studio and event space, all graciously sponsored and designed by Wolf, Sub Zero, and IKEA. 

Le Gourmet Factory Cooking School, staffed by incredibly talented culinary experts, is the first facility of its kind and largest recreational cooking school in New Jersey. Designed by chefs, architects and foodies to be the ultimate location to share the passion of food, Le Gourmet Factory Cooking School offers classes geared towards both the chef humbly versed only in microwave operation and the budding professional chef in the making. In addition to hands on cooking classes and live demonstration style classes, Le Gourmet Factory is the destination for private and group events, celebrations of all kinds, including birthday parties, and tailor-made classes and workshops that will teach any cook at any level new ideas and cooking concepts. 

Notable course offerings include Essential Meal Prep skills, Sophisticated Wine Tasting events, BBQ Boot Camps, Knife Techniques, Baking classes and events aimed at corporate team building.