Trump Taj Mahal

This June, Trump Taj Mahal is giving the concept of casino promotions a fresh face! Trump Taj Mahal, the casino that created headlines nationwide with the Nip/Tuck Sweepstakes, hosts the Botox-Party weekend June 28-30. Dr. Adam W. Mauer MD will be on property for Trump Taj Mahal’s weekend-long Botox party, June 28-30. Visitors can either win or buy a treatment from Dr. Mauer who will set up an office at the Taj all weekend. 

The Botox Sweepstakes will be held Friday, June 28, 6pm to 10pm, Saturday, June 29, 6pm to 10pm and Sunday, June 30, 2pm to 6pm. Eight winners every hour. Players will earn entries through casino play at the Taj starting Friday, May 24. Players will activate their entries on the drawing dates by earning 20 Tier Points or more. Participants need to be playing with their Trump One Card inserted into any slot at the time of the drawing for their chance to win. Winners will receive $500 cash. Winners can opt to use their $500 for an instant treatment, or they can keep the money to use as they choose. 

Walk-ins are welcome. Visitors can purchase a treatment from Dr. Mauer on Friday, June 28 between 2pm to 10pm, Saturday, June 29 between 2pm to 10pm or Sunday, June 30 between 10am to 6pm. All times are based on appointment availability. 

“A hit trend, guaranteed winners, and a doctor on property - it’s truly a promotion with no wrinkles!” said Trump Entertainment Resorts Senior Vice President of Marketing, Kathleen McSweeney. “This idea follows Trump Taj Mahal's Nip/Tuck Sweepstakes which generated national exposure, including jokes in the monologues on Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel Live. In addition to the sweepstakes, visitors can purchase a treatment and have it done right here, on the spot. We are literally giving the term Summer Casino Promotion a fresh look.” 

Participants must be a Trump One Card holder to be eligible for the sweepstakes. Those who are not Trump One Card holders can sign up for their FREE card at Trump One Services located at Trump Taj Mahal. Dr. Adam Mauer, MD is an independent physician and not affiliated with Trump Taj Mahal. Must be at least 21 years of age. Complete details available at Trump One Services. Gambling Problem? Call 1.800.GAMBLER.