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75 Main Street

Rising restaurateur Zach Erdem has gained considerable attention in the hospitality industry after transforming a seasonal Hamptons dining staple into a year-round hotspot. The dynamic 32-year-old has used his unique design to balance the classic style of the Hamptons with the enticing elements of New York City nightlife to reinvent the Southampton eatery, 75 Main. The ever popular restaurant and lounge has become a favorite among locals, visitors and celebrities alike, attracting Hollywood’s A-Listers and politicians such as Sarah Jessica Parker, LA Reid, Kelly Ripa, Stanley Tucci, Sofia Vergara, Howard Stern, Pierce Brosnan, Barbara Walters, Jodie Foster, Alex Rodriquez and Vice President Joe Biden.

Erdem’s esteemed reputation in the restaurant industry was not established overnight. After moving from Turkey to the United States in 2002, Erdem was struggling to make a living and had planned to move back home after just six months. With only sixty dollars in his pocket—which was loaned to him by a friend—Erdem decided to take a quick trip to the Hamptons two days before his scheduled flight. After arriving at the East End, he ordered lunch at the first restaurant he saw—75 Main.

Erdem quickly befriended 75 Main’s General Manager, who offered him a bartending position on the spot. Impressed by the Hamptons and its reputation, Erdem ultimately strived to create a name for himself in this elite community. In the years that followed, Erdem traveled all over the country, working in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami, gaining insight into the continuously changing restaurant business. Erdem eventually returned to Southampton to manage the popular Nello Summertimes and brought his experience to bear.

In 2010, Erdem was finally able to fulfill his dream of taking ownership of 75 Main—a dream that was born over nine years earlier on the beaches of the East End. Using a combination of an expertly crafted menu, sophisticated decor, and post-dinner entertainment, Erdem is taking the already established restaurant to the next level. Erdem collaborated with well-known and award winning chefs, artists, designers and D.J.’s, revamping 75 Main into one of the Hamptons popular destinations for high-end fare, ambiance and nightlife scene.

After his success in the Hamptons, Erdem searched for the perfect location to open a second restaurant. In February 2012, Zach Erdem took his talents down to South Florida and opened 75 Main in Delray Beach, Florida. Drawn to the charming seaside community's vibrant mix of dining, shopping, and cultural amenities, Erdem found this venue to be as thriving as the original 75 Main. 75 Main Delray has already gained a celebrity following with the likes of actor and comedian Kevin James and retired Hall of Fame basketball player Dennis Rodman.

In the future, Erdem hopes to expend his reach, opening additional restaurants in some of the world’s most renowned locations.Visit for locations and more information.

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