Elliot Tiber

XM’s Brett Winterble interviews Taking Woodstock author Elliot Tiber tonight (at 10:00 PM PT-channel 166) and got him to reveal for the first time, that a third and final tome on Woodstock, penned by him, will be released in the summer … titled After Woodstock (via Square One Publishing).

Winterble, who called the Woodstock event a “touchstone of our generation,” at one point, asked him what memory remained with him the most from the legendary event in 1969. Tiber replied, “Richie Havens’ performance of ‘Freedom’ – it was what we wanted, we fought for, and though it didn’t happen right away, is finally starting to come true. Don't forget - the event was peace, love and music.”

Tiber also talked about his new book out this week called, Palm Trees On The Hudson, which is about his life in New York and his association with Judy Garland. “I had put together a show for a very famous judge … and, the talent was Garland. She gave me some advice then that I have never forgotten. Meeting one of my idols was amazing indeed.”

Photo Courtesy of: David Salidor