Thelonious “T.J.” Johnson

We have all made New Year’s resolutions to slim down, tone up and get in shape, but more often than not, we lose motivation within a few short weeks. This year, Thelonious “T.J.” Johnson, personal fitness expert and trainer to the stars, has five easy tips that can help anyone reach their personal fitness goals, despite busy schedules and the stresses of a new year.


Decide on a few realistic fitness goals for yourself – challenge yourself to strengthen your upper body, tone your abdomen, improve your running time or lose 10 lbs by this summer. Write them on a piece of paper and carry them with you. This little reminder will help you stay on track and keep you from reaching for an unhealthy snack.


Whether you are supplementing your workout routine or need to jumpstart a new one, adding 20 minutes of cardio activity to the end of each day will give your metabolism an extra boost to keep working while you sleep, helping you burn off the day’s extra calories. Jog around your neighborhood; take a spinning or boot camp class at the gym or even jump rope at home. Added bonus: exercising in the evening will also help clear your mind, relieve stress and keep you away from tempting desserts.


Coffee during the workday, followed by dinnertime cocktails and wine are not enough to keep you properly hydrated — drinking more water can help you sip your way to a slimmer, healthier body. As dehydration can often lead you to mistake your body’s thirst for hunger, extra H2O intake will help you stay away from your snack stash when your body isn’t actually hungry. Plus, your skin will be glowing!


If you tend to lose your motivation a few weeks into starting a new fitness routine, finding yourself a workout buddy will encourage you to stick with it, even if you’re not in the mood. Providing support, enthusiasm and accountability, a friend will remind you of the importance of your fitness goals while pushing you to reach them. If your schedules don’t match up, try joining a fitness club or work with a personal trainer a few days a week instead.


As you notice your workout becoming easier, it may be time to switch things up. Once you’ve got your routine down, your body may not need to work as hard to complete the session. Keep your body guessing, while revving up your metabolism, by changing your workout routine every few weeks.

About Thelonious “T.J.” Johnson:

 Thelonious “T.J.” Johnson is a triple threat as an actor, model and personal fitness trainer to stars, helping motivate and train individuals including Anderson Cooper and Marc Jacobs to reach peak levels of fitness. T.J. introduces a new approach to fitness training, stressing the importance of preserving the body, and practices the belief that each individual should treat their unique form as a temple. Customizing training sessions to fit the needs and goals of each individual client, T.J. provides full-body workouts that target problem areas to achieve results. Results-driven, T.J. organizes total, comprehensive training sessions that positively affect the client’s physical form, while helping to integrate healthier, happier lifestyle choices into his/her everyday life.

T.J. demonstrates the mental tenacity of a dedicated athlete; in the past year T.J. ran six marathons followed by the North Face Bear Mountain 50 Mile race, while breezing through Tough Mudder endurance events. An adrenaline-junkie with interests such as snowboarding and extreme sports, T.J. offers workouts that capture the spirit of his interests. For thrill-seekers in search of an action and adventure-driven workout, he offers extreme outdoor training, providing sessions that feature mountain-biking, hiking, “tough man” workouts and boot camps.

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