Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Imprint Entertainment, the production company behind the upcoming Twilight Saga, has just acquired the movie rights to Godsent. 

“Richard Burton is a master storyteller who has created an amazingly visual page turner,” says Imprint Entertainment CEO Michael Becker. 

Godsent is a fast-paced, controversial thriller with multiple twists and turns. The action-laced drama centers on the child of 17 year old virgin Kate Skylar. Set against a backdrop of political turmoil and dueling factions within the Catholic Church, Godsent is ultimately an emotional and very human story of compassion, deeply guarded secrets and sacrifice.

Kirkus Review recently called Godsent “brilliantly imaginative” and “deeper, more sophisticated” than The Da Vinci Code. Godsent is available wherever books are sold including on line at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. More Info HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome book. Loved it. Kept me guessing all the way through. Cant wait to see the movie.