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Friday, November 07, 2014


The Easy Guide to Etiquette at Home
and in the World
Manners That Matter Most

Manners That Matter Most – the Easy Guide to Etiquette at Home and in the World – published by Hatherleigh Press, researched and written by June Eding, and featuring a special foreword by Norah Lawlor – will be available online and in bookstores from November, 25, 2014.

Etiquette is one of the most valuable assets a person can have: knowing how best to present yourself, and how to deal with others in a direct, effective manner, is paramount in all personal, professional, and social relationships. Manners That Matter Most, which is part of The Little Book, Big Idea series, which was created to provide everyday people with useful wisdom to improve their lives, seeks to resurrect the bygone customs of good manners and graceful style; all while updating and applying them to the modern age.

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.”

- Emily Post

Norah Lawlor
Covering topics from introductions, greetings and thank-you’s, to the etiquette of modern technology (including the appropriate places and times to call and text message), Manners That Matter Most is a valuable resource and a much-needed guide in our fast-paced world. Suitable for all readers in all social situations, Manners That Matter Most contains both the information and the support you need to gain and give more consideration in your social encounters. With an emphasis on graciousness and chivalry that lends the book its authoritative tone, Manners That Matter Most is the essential companion for anyone looking to put their best foot forward in any situation.The book also includes inspirational quotes on the importance of courtesy, respect and dignity; 25 essential lessons everyone should learn to cultivate better manners; and tips for more effective with family, friends and co-workers. Taking an old subject and presents it in a fresh and accessible way, Manners That Matter Most reminds us why good practice in etiquette not only makes the practitioner look good, but enhances society as a whole. With Manners That Matter Most, the world opens up—and you know just what to say.

Manners That Matter Most features a special foreword by Norah Lawlor, the founder and principal of a New York-based boutique PR firm Lawlor Media Group, focused on a luxury lifestyle clientele.

Available on and in Barnes & Noble Bookstores 


Friday, October 24, 2014




“Discovering who you are is not just for teenagers. Midlife men must also rediscover the world around them while struggling with their own impending mortality and legacy, especially those who change careers and lifestyles.

Middle-aged men like me are under siege, beset on all sides by personal ambition, internal expectations, familial pressure, disillusionment, uncertainty, and legacy. It’s a constant battle to balance the needs of the self and the needs of others and a struggle to discover which ones really take priority. Some win this battle and some tragically lose.”

So says East Coast-based author Kelly Crigger in his tremendously funny new book, Curmudgeonism: A Surly Man's Guide to MidLife.

Just released via Graybeard Publishing, the book has generated immediate interest and praise.

Continues Crigger, “Curmudgeonism is a state of mind, unwavering, unapologetic, and uninterested in what people think. We are the proverbial old dog that can't be taught new tricks because we know the old tricks are tried and true. We have firm beliefs that can't be shaken. Free trade is good. True leaders are rare.”

Just beginning an East Coast-book tour, Crigger feels that this book is perfect not only for me, but women. “If they want to avail themselves of the insight of men, this is the perfect vehicle for them." Check out Kelly's Amazon page HERE:

Friday, March 14, 2014



Dead Sexy

Riverdale Avenue Books’ Pop Imprint has just released a second edition of the successful book, “DEAD SEXY: The Unofficial WALKING DEAD Fan Guide to Zombie Style, Beauty, Parties, and a Ghoul-Lurching UNlifestyle.” This is the second pop culture book produced and written by Paula Conway featuring an exclusive private sale to a targeted audience.

More than 60 companies have zombie-related flash-sale offers in "DEAD SEXY” including Durango Boots from Rocky Brands, Windy City Novelties, Dear Bloody Mary, and Brad’s Raw Foods. This is also the first book to curate travel deals with exclusive offers. Published by Riverdale Avenue Books, “DEAD SEXY” is available both electronically and in print nationwide through Ingram Publisher Services.

“The first edition of DEAD SEXY was such a success that they had to update it to see if they could get even more great undead deals for our zombie-loving readers - and they did!” said Lori Perkins, Publisher of Riverdale Avenue Books.

Monday, March 10, 2014



Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful?

Riverdale Avenue Books’ Magnus imprint is excited to announce the publication of the memoir Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? by Kenneth M. Walsh. This is the first book from Walsh who is a writer, editor, and the blogger behind the popular site Kenneth in the (212).

Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? takes place in summer of ’77, while other boys in the Midwest were busy playing Little League and flocking to see Star Wars, young Kenny Walsh was obsessed with Chris Evert and Woody Allen movies — and daydreamed about moving to New York City. But when his family headed west from the suburbs of Detroit to Phoenix, it was the first in a series of events that set his Big Apple ambitions on the wrong course.

Walsh recounts in his memoir an idiosyncratic childhood that included an attempt to track down a crazed serial killer, a First Amendment battle with his fourth-grade principal, running the local KKK (that’s Kenny’s Kid Kare) babysitting service — and the mysterious disappearance of his father.

“Kenneth has a huge following online that has been asking for a book from him so I'm very pleased to say it's now available,” said Magnus Editorial Director Don Weise. “While he's been compared to Augusten Burroughs and David Rakoff, he has a voice and humor all his own”

Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Callista Gingrich And Newt Gingrich

Callista Gingrich and hubby Newt Gingrich, signed their newest books, 'Breakout: Pioneers of the Future, Prison Guards of the Past, Epic Battle That Will Decide America's Fate (Breakout)' and 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' at The Palazzo Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada today.

Sunday, December 22, 2013



The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats

The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats (Quad City Press) by Constance Corcoran Wilson is a Seuss-ical tale for young children which builds upon the moral of the first Christmas Cats book to once again teach children a valuable life lesson.

In this second Christmas Cats adventure the lesson to be learned is: In life, always keep an open mind. Don't accept stereotypes as true or let the unfounded opinions of others prevent you from finding out the truth for yourself. We all need to act without prejudice and learn to accept each other as individuals.

The Christmas Cats learn that rats, too, should be judged as individuals. Another message: all of us should try to help others.

Written for the author's four-year-old granddaughters, Ava and Elise Wilson, with the assistance of talented professional illustrator Gary McCluskey, The Christmas Cats continue to have adventures while attired in their familiar silly hats from Book One (The Christmas Cats in Silly Hats).

Learning to accept others in a non-judgmental, open-minded fashion is a lesson we all must learn. If children can internalize this behavior while young, learning to help others and to do good works, the world will be a better place.

Saturday, December 07, 2013


The Emissary Is Pure Reading At It's Best!

The Emissary

In her exceptional debut novel, internationally renowned author, Patricia Cori, weaves a page-turning fantasy adventure that speaks to the very soul of the planet.

Within minutes of each other, three bone-chilling events take place around the globe. In Los Angeles, hundreds of blackbirds drop out of the sky, zapped to their death, mid-flight. Simultaneously, on the East Coast, in Maine, residents awaken to find miles of beach covered in tens of thousands of dead fish. And in New Zealand, 150 whales and dolphins lay dead or dying, like gigantic boulders thrown from the ocean, on a resort beach. Overhead, a strange grid-like pattern in the clouds hangs low and menacing, over the desperate scene.

A leading psychic researcher and telepath, Jamie Hastings, forges a deep soul connection with the dying whales, which leads to a troubled journey at sea as a consultant for USOIL, a Houston based oil company. They're searching drill sites in the most pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest—-or so it appears. A bizarre unfolding of events aboard ship sparks the unraveling of a truly evil plan of a shadow government that is intent upon silencing the music of the oceans, and destroying all life on the planet.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Mark Bego

Author Mark Bego has just been announced as the winner of two awards in the annual Paris Book Festival 2013. His first novel "Murder at Motor City Records" has won an award in the "General Fiction" category, and his adventurous memoir "Paperback Writer" has won an award in the "Wild Card" category.

The awards are given each year for excellence in writing that has an international scope. Some of the key scenes in "Murder at Motor City Records" take place in Paris and Salzburg. And, in "Paperback Writer" Bego recounts his adventures with Mary Wilson of The Supremes in Paris, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Monte Carlo.

Additionally, Bego's latest publication, the collector's magazine "Leonardo DiCaprio: Movie Idol" (from event Bookazines) has arrived on newsstands in time for the new film "The Great Gatsby," and his new book, "Burning Bridges" with Glen Campbell's daughter Debby is due out in October 2013.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013




The Great Gatsby

FASHION, FLAPPERS, SEX AND SUFFRAGE – New upstart imprint Event Bookazines are prepping perhaps their most risque title yet, The Great Gatsby Era; all about the fabulous roaring ‘20s that were marked with glitz, glamour and a whole lot of misbehaving. Lovingly edited by Liza Lentini, who did the same outstanding job on their Book Of Miracles issue; the 144-page magazine is filled chapters on Gangster Style; The Cotton Club; Flappers; The Great White Way; and on the novel, The Great Gatsby; which defined the era. According to Event Bookazine major domo Tony Seidl, “I was standing at the airport newsstand, looking at the magazine rack and it dawned on me … many of the usual magazines had been replaced with single-subject magazines, like on The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. I knew then that they were the future of the publishing business. Collectible magazines.” Also next month comes their DiCaprio issue, edited by Mark Bego. Maverick-editor Seidl added, “I helped pioneer the instant book … and, very clearly now, it’s the instant magazine. It's a book, in a magazine format.”

DIS AT 29 --- Veteran PR-magnet David Salidor celebrated his 29th year in business last month; maintaining his dis COMPANY. As busy as ever (he’s worked with Madonna, Run DMC and Debbie Gibson), the peripatetic Salidor sat with us to discuss the changes he’s seen. “Obviously the advent of social media has been key. It’s a development that literally gives you instant access. Facebook and Twitter are just essential in today’s media environment. I also have to say that the demise of the daily issues on Variety and Hollywood Reporter felt strange at first, but make perfect sense in today’s world. I do miss Variety’s Army Archerd, but Cindy Adams is as vital and ever.”

Salidor says that in many ways he’s busier than ever, with clients as diverse as 10-year Nicholas Lampiasi, currently in Disney’s Newsies, and XM Radio’s Brett Winterble. “Brett spoke to Steve Van Zandt yesterday right after the opening of his Rascals show on Broadway and Law & Order’s Richard Belzer today.” He’s also working with new artists Danielle Dease and Dominick DiPietrantonio, as well as Micky Dolenz . “That’s the life of this business … new artists. That’s what keeps me going.”



Mark Bego

Celebrity-author MARK BEGO will be on hand this weekend at the L. A. Times’ Festival Of Books … along with fellow authors Valerie Harper; Debbie Reynolds and Carol Burnett, signing copies of his latest release. After 59 rock-biographies (Micky Dolenz; Cher; Bette Midler; Michael Jackson; Madonna; Bonnie Raitt; Billy Joel; Aretha Franklin; Whitney Houston; and, Elton John) Bego has penned his first novel called Murder At Motor City Records; set in his hometown of Detroit. Gary Graff in the Journal Register said of the book: “For his 60th (!) book, Detroit-born celebrity biographer Bego gives his home town some love with a mystery that touches on some of his own favorite sights and sounds. Names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty, but Bego spins an engaging yarn, complete with lyrics to fictional songs and a couple twists and turns that make it easy to keep turning the pages.” Cindy Adams said in the NY Post: “With Motown’s Berry Gordy musical open. Bego’s book is an homage to those Detroit roots.” "Murder at Motor City Records" is up for an award in the upcoming The Paris Book Festival. Winners to be announced in May 2013 and awards to be presented in Paris on May 30, 2013.

Adds Bego about his book, : Having been a fan of murder mysteries by Agatha Christie—especially And Then There Were None, the film noir-inspiring novels of James M. Cain—particularly Double Indemnity and Mildred Pierce, and the novels of Dashiell Hammett—especially The Thin Man, I came up with the plot of Murder at Motor City Records."

Mark Bego will be autographing his copies of his novel "Murder at Motor City Records" at "The Los Angeles Times" Festival of Books, in the Publish America booth on Sunday, April 21, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Photo Courtesy Of: David Salidor

Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Chocolate Chocolate Moons

A Tome By: Jackie Kingon

Chocolate Chocolate Moons

Ready for a little fun? Here’s a taste of a new, zany talent who can really dish it out. If you’re tired of somber subjects and gloomy futures, treat yourself to Chocolate Chocolate Moons, a candy bar of a book portraying a hilarious future.

If you struggle with your weight, and were offered an opportunity to become light, fit and have a wonderful life without dieting, would you accept? Plus-sized Molly Marbles wins a scholarship to Armstrong University on the Moon, a haven for the plus-sized set where her 287 Earth pounds instantly become 47.6 without so much as passing up a piece of pie.

But when her boyfriend Drew Barron dumps her, then jumps at a job making low calorie food supplements, Molly’s weight is the least of her woes, especially when her favorite candy Chocolate Moons are found poisoned. Molly solves the crime and discovers a delicious antidote to the poison. Inventive and wholesome, Chocolate Chocolate Moons dishes out a page-turning plot as layered as a devil’s food cake.

Enjoy snappy prose and out-of-the-box thinking in this verbal cartoon for sophisticated readers tired of counting calories and hungry for a good laugh. A yummy funny read.

Saturday, March 16, 2013




City Of Slaughter

March celebrates Women’s History Month and also marks the anniversary of New York City’s deadliest industrial disaster−the Triangle factory fire. Cynthia Drew’s bestselling novel, City of Slaughter, tells a powerful story of life as a Jew escaping pogrom Russia to a similar sweatshop in New York. Drew’s novel received the Silver Award in Historical Fiction from Forward National Literature and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize–the most honored literary project in America.

While the author is not Jewish, City of Slaughter (Daniel and Daniel Publishers, Inc.) by Cynthia Drew is beautifully written from a Jewish perspective, with meticulous research that provides a powerful picture of the plight of women at the beginning of the 20th Century and the obstacles they were forced to overcome. Recipient of the Forward National Literature’s Silver Award in the category of Historical Fiction, City of Slaughter is an exceptional work of historical fiction that is both exciting and inspiring and takes readers back in time to see the world through the eyes of another culture. This profound historical tale has also been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, the most honored literary project in America.

When her parents are murdered by Cossacks during a raid on the shtetl, Carsie Akselrod flees with her younger sister Lilia, touching off a turbulent journey that ends eight months later on New York’s Lower East Side. Plunged into the immigrant chaos of the most crowded square mile on earth, the two girls take sweatshop jobs – Carsie as a milliner’s apprentice and Lilia at the ill-fated Triangle Waist Company. It never occurs to Carsie that in her haste to live the life she strives for in America she hasn’t stopped to lament her parents’ deaths.

Thursday, January 10, 2013



Sexy Star Sign Cooking

SEXY STAR SIGN COOKING (Thomas Dunne Books; on sale date: Jan. 8, 2013) is the perfect book for this Valentines Day.

Celebrity chef and acclaimed astrologist Sabra Ricci has created specialized gourmet menus for each astrological sign that are guaranteed pump up your love life. Sabra can tell you just what to prepare for that special someone, whether you’re just dating or want to sizzle with your significant other. SEXY STAR SIGN COOKING is the perfect book for anyone who wants to make their next date night unforgettable.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Mark Bego

Best-selling author Mark Bego, this month also releases his 60th book, which is his first novel called “Murder at Motor City Records.” It is an exciting homage to Agatha Christie mysteries, Dashiell Hammett and James M. Cain crime novels, and the music of his hometown of Detroit. According to Bego: “After years of interviewing rock stars I had so much fun inventing the bigger-than-life characters in this book, from the fictional stars, to the music-obsessed detective who is hot on the trail of the killer. It is something like having a cocktail-loving ‘The Thin Man’ detective solving a murder at a legendary Motown-like record label.”

Bego, who is the author of 59 non-fiction books on rock & roll and show business, has over 10 million books in print, and has written two New York Times best-sellers and a Chicago Tribune best-seller. Three of his biggest hit books were on figures that made Detroit’s Motown Records famous: The Supremes (assisting Mary Wilson), Martha Reeves, and Michael Jackson. Taking notes from those experiences, Mark has created his own fictional Motown-like record company, and a whole colorful roster of singing stars. When the president of his fabricated Motor City Records is found dead, the disgruntled and jealous singing stars at the label are amongst the prime murder suspects.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Imprint Entertainment, the production company behind the upcoming Twilight Saga, has just acquired the movie rights to Godsent. 

“Richard Burton is a master storyteller who has created an amazingly visual page turner,” says Imprint Entertainment CEO Michael Becker. 

Godsent is a fast-paced, controversial thriller with multiple twists and turns. The action-laced drama centers on the child of 17 year old virgin Kate Skylar. Set against a backdrop of political turmoil and dueling factions within the Catholic Church, Godsent is ultimately an emotional and very human story of compassion, deeply guarded secrets and sacrifice.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012



The Gifted One, The Journey Begins

Are you often worried, or scared about your future and the future of our world? Do you wish you had the tools to turn off your worry machine and get the peace of mind you want and deserve? Is it difficult to get enthusiastic about anything? The fact is, most of us could use some help in finding joy in everyday life.

In his new book, The Gifted One, The Journey Begins, (Balboa Press), Dr. Andy McCabe breaks the rules in the self-transformation genre by telling a story, instead of providing a menu of do's and don'ts. He presents us with an entertaining and humorous book, with characters both men and women can easily identify with.

“I've read many self-help books,” says McCabe. “They offer 'ten ways to do this’ and 'five ways to do that.' I wanted to have fun, and people learn better when there's an actual story to follow while learning.” Well-written and thought-provoking, it challenges readers to find their own happiness within.

Monday, October 01, 2012



Patriots Of Treason

Sometimes you just have to take a stand. Our country first learned this through the American Revolution, and a stubborn insistence on liberty is the hallmark of patriots to the present day. Telling that story in all its many forms is bound to be exciting and inspirational. In Patriots of Treason (AKA-Publishing), David Thomas Roberts bursts into the political thriller genre with style and passion.

A nation in crisis. A president of division. A deadlocked Congress. The United States is on the brink of civil war — again. Only a courageous federal whistleblower, an ordinary Texan and a governor who won’t tolerate the shredding of the Constitution can thwart an evil conspiracy by the federal government.

President Tyrell Johnson, the first fully black President, is riding a renewed wave of popularity as he runs for his second term. He wins re-election, based largely on an “October Surprise.” An assassination attempt on Johnson creates the perfect scapegoat — the Tea Party — through a deceit so well disguised that it comes dangerously close to succeeding.

But, like patriots before them, some won’t stand for it. Some will become Patriots of Treason. Taut and suspenseful, readers will just have to hang on and ride to the end for a surprising conclusion.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Aretha Franklin

Author MARK BEGO did an in-store last week at San Francisco’s Alexander Book Company store, for his two current releases, WHITNEY HOUSTON: THE SPECTACULAR RISE AND TRAGIC FALL OF THE WOMAN WHOSE VOICE INSPIRED A GENERATION (Skyhorse Publishing) and ARETHA FRANKLIN: THE QUEEN OF SOUL (Skyhorse Publishing) . Mark was there with Brian Summers, from B.S. Productions (channeling his inner Whitney!)and, Bernard Henderson from the Alexander Book Company.


Friday, June 22, 2012



 Patient Survival Guide

Dr. McGuckin sounds the alarm on deadly, costly infections and how to prevent them. Before you or a loved one heads to the hospital, reach for this guidebook. It could save a life.”—Ceci Connolly, former national health correspondent, The Washington Post.

We all assume that going to the hospital will help us recover from an illness or injury. Going to any facility where a lot of other sick people are treated, however, can result in patients actually getting worse before they get better, simply because they “catch” someone else’s infections. Spread by healthcare workers as they move from sick patient to sick patient, or by visitors who may have touched unclean surfaces in the hospital before going into a patient’s room, these healthcare-acquired infections are difficult and costly to treat.

What most people don’t know is that healthcare acquired infections are preventable. Written by Dr. Maryanne McGuckin, an expert in infection prevention with 35 years of experience, The Patient Survival Guide (Demos Publishing), will lead us from being a patient at risk, to one knowledgeable about the simple precautions one must take to avoid easily preventable healthcare-acquired infections.

Dr. Maryanne McGuckin’s career spans several faculty and staff positions at the University of Pennsylvania. She most recently was a member of the Senior Scholars / Senior Fellows program with the Health Policy Department at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Toni L. Goldfarb is president of TLG Publications, a medical communications firm.

For information, please visit Dr. McGuckin’s informative website:

Available at all major bookstores and online outlets