Sal The Stockbroker And Ronnie The Limo Driver
Pose With The Girls From Rick's

Rick's Cabaret New York, the famous tri-level gentlemen's club located across the street from the Empire State Building and just one block from Madison Square Garden in midtown Manhattan, had a series of parties commemorating it's 7th anniversary in the Big Apple. To help celebrate the anniversary, Howard Stern Show regulars "Sal the Stockbroker" and "Ronnie the Limo Driver" were special guest hosts at one of the parties.

"We had an amazing time. The Rick's Cabaret Girls are the hottest anywhere," said Ronnie the Limo Driver. "There are so many gorgeous girls at Rick's."

"There was a table full of Football players having dinner on the 2nd floor," said Rick's Cabaret Girl Kelsey. "I can't tell you who they were because we never reveal any names. But I can tell you that after they finished their big juicy steaks, they got dances from dozens of us juicy girls--haha!"

"There were a lot of great people here helping us celebrate our anniversary," said Rick's Cabaret New York Girl Monica. "I was on the VIP 3rd floor and it was packed with Wall Street bankers and brokers."

Rick's Cabaret New York Girl Justine said, "There were a lot of Howard Stern Show fans at the party, and Ronnie the Limo Driver and Sal the Stockbroker spent time talking to all of them."

"Rick's Cabaret is always great--day or night. I'll be back tomorrow for the lunch special. The food is really good," said Sal the Stockbroker. "I recommend the Shrimp Penne."
Rick's Cabaret is known for its beautiful exotic dancers, luxurious setting, gourmet steakhouse, and warm hospitality. It was named "Best Strip Club in New York" by Playboy.

Photo Courtesy Of: Rick's