Russell Crowe

The world's most technologically advanced book has finally arrived and it's being completely financed by Kickstarter, And Russell Crowe.

Authored by Mark Staufer, screenwriter of the upcoming Bill Hicks biopic, and produced by Future360 founder and Discovery's Planet 100 host Sarah Backhouse, The Numinous Place ( is a transmedia project that combines text, art, video, and images into one. It’s got artwork done by artist Larry Soileau – an original comic created just for The Numinous Place. Even with little to no press coverage outside of New Zealand, the project has already raised over $30,000 on Kickstarter (, with support from none other than the new Jor-El himself, Russell Crowe.

With elements of everything from Inception to the Da Vinci Code to the Wachowskis' Matrix and upcoming Cloud Atlas, The Numinous Place promises an interactive experience never before encountered by readers, akin to playing a video game like Myst, Halo’s I Love Bees, and NIN’s Year Zero for the first time. However, the clock is ticking for The Numinous Place and if it doesn't raise $75,000 by August 9, consumers may not be able to enjoy this next step in the evolution of new media.

Photo By: Sara de Boer/Retna