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Monday, August 06, 2018



The Bend, OR-based proudction company behind the upcoming documentary Pick It Up! Ska In The 90's (one of the most backed music documentaries in Kickstarter history) has announced it's next project, The Last Blockbuster, a light-hearted, family-friendly film on the last remaining Blockbuster Video outpost in the country.

The team has launched a trailer and Kickstarter campaign to help complete the documentary.

Director Taylor Morden says, "When we started working on this documentary last year there were about a dozen Blockbuster video locations still standing, Now there is just one! As movie lovers and physical media enthusiasts, we took it upon ourselves to uncover the story of why? What makes Bend, OR. and this store in particular so special? It's a fun and uplifting story and frankly we think the world needs more stories like that these days."

About The Last Blockbuster:

Blockbuster Video at its peak had over 9000 stores. In 1989 a new store opened every 17 hours! But now there is only 1. What happened?

The Last Blockbuster is located in idyllic Bend Oregon, a modern town overflowing with high-speed internet, a mecca for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. There’s plenty to do year round. How, in a place like this, does The Last Blockbuster Survive? Who are the people who work here, rent videos here, and how did a video rental store chain grow so huge that it impacted the way Hollywood made movies only to crash and burn from 9000 locations to 1?

Now people of all ages are driving from across the country to stand out front of The Last Blockbuster and take their photo next to the iconic Blockbuster sign, to go in and browse like it’s a museum, and to touch the racks and racks of physical media. News outlets from around the globe are covering this last store on their nightly broadcasts.

Think back to a simpler time - before there was a Redbox in every grocery store, before Netflix changed the way you got your movies.

Remember Saturday nights walking up and down the brightly lit aisles stacked with movies, that smell of popcorn, candy, and plastic? Maybe it’s nostalgia for a time when the world seemed less complicated. Maybe it’s a longing for a more tangible world back when you could hold the movies you loved in your hands. Whatever your reason, the world is clearly fascinated by The Last Blockbuster.

The filmmakers have spent the past 9 months (yes, back when there were still a dozen Blockbusters remaining) interviewing the wonderful people at the Bend Blockbuster-- the owner, the manager, the employees, and patrons. They’ve been digging through the fascinating history that surrounds not just this store, but all of Blockbuster Video. And now they are ready to get the last batch of interviews, the people outside of Bend, the people they’ve found with the most interesting, most hilarious, and most insightful Blockbuster stories - many of whom starred in, or made, the films you rented from Blockbuster!

How you can help get the film completed:

Time is of the essence. There's no telling how long the last remaining Blockbuster will be around. How great would it be to finish the film in time that it’s available for rent at the store? But making feature-length documentaries is expensive - very expensive. Legal, travel, - oh, and late fees... lots and lots of late fees. With your help, they’ll be able to pay those fancy movie lawyers to make sure it’s okay to show you all the great things they’ve uncovered.

Want to do more to help? Share this page now on Facebook, Instagram and twitter with the hashtags #thelastblockbuster #lastblockbuster

Meet the team behind The Last Blockbuster:

Taylor Morden

This will be Taylor Morden’s 3rd feature documentary. His previous film, Pick It Up! Ska in the 90’s raised over $110,000 on Kickstarter, making it one of the most backed music documentaries in Kickstarter history.

The video he rented the most: Revenge of The Nerds
Lifetime late fees paid: $826

Zeke Kamm

Zeke is a Hollywood veteran writing, producing, and developing content for just about every major Hollywood studio over the past 20+ years. And before all that he worked at a video rental store. Nice!

The video he rented the most: What About Bob 

Lifetime late fees paid: $3 ← that one time his girlfriend use his membership card. He still hasn’t forgiven her.

Monday, December 01, 2014



Rosanna Arquette

This is a TV show that can turn up the heat for ratings and knock ‘reality’ out of the ring for ‘realism.’ Rock in a Hard Place isn’t pretty eye candy. It’s dirty, messy, and pretty much like twisted real life (just funnier). The script is written by Huffington Post contributor, David Fagin, a New York based writer, producer and musician, and his sister Stephanie, a professor of clinical psychology at Columbia and asks the question, “What if Sid Vicious survived the 70s and ended up with two ex-wives and three crazy kids?” The show is a comedic wake-up call. It features the fictional but oh-so-familiar Jewish punk legend Lance “Lint’’ Jones as he leaves rehab and is forced to live with his mother. It’s not about music (although that’s there). It is about the human element and the desire many feel to reconnect with family after years of massive screw-ups and self-destruction.

Rock in a Hard Place puts iconic fictional former punk rock front-man “Lance” at about age 50. He’s emerged from a decade or two of self-destruction and rehabilitation and is about to try and start over – sober. Only this time he emerges with 2 ex-wives, a couple of kids, and a side-order of dysfunctionality.

If you want a taste of what’s coming, check out the pilot teaser on their Kickstarter campaign. The script has been shopped around and had some heavy-weight interest but no one would commit so the producers are taking it to the street via crowdfunding to raise the $50 thousand (USD) needed to deliver this show for TV. Help them bypass the big studios and get straight to production.

Friday, January 24, 2014



Story By: G. H. HARDING

The Band - Robbie Robertson, Richard Manuel,
Rick Danko, Garth Hudson And Levon Helm

CLASSIC BAND --- The euphoric response to iconic rock photographer Elliott Landy’s Kickstarter campaign has made his forthcoming book publication historic. And with pledges from over 700 supporters having surpassed the $150,000 mark – well more than double the original $65,000 goal – the countdown to bring Landy’s never-gathered-in-one-place art quality book of fine art photos of roots rock giants The Band to fans and photography collectors has now reached its final week. Already holding the title of second most funded photography campaign on the site, the Kickstarter campaign officially ends Tuesday, Jan. 28.

“This level of success has surprised me and invigorated my desire to keep publishing this body of work from the Sixties,” says Landy. “I am really happy for the freedom this gives me to create my book without being tethered by a lack of funds or controlled by others' ideas and tastes. This book will be mine and contain what I feel are the best photos I took of the The Band, printed with superb quality.”

Known for his seemingly unlimited access to artists like Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and others from The Summer of Love, as well as the 1969 Woodstock Festival, Landy has gone into his archives to review, relive and focus on his time with one of his favorite subjects, The Band, as they were becoming one of the most popular and influential rock groups in the world. This book captures what Landy feels is his best body of work from the period. He shot over 8,000 frames of film of the group, only about 30 of which have been widely published to date.

“During that period I was the only photographer they let take pictures of them,” says Landy. “They treated me like a friend and allowed me the freedom to hang out and take whatever pictures I wanted.”

The fine art book will be available in two hardcover versions: A Regular Edition and a Deluxe Limited Edition. Deluxe Limited Edition copies will come in a slipcase, signed and numbered and also will include an 8x10 print of "The Band with Hamlet" (image on campaign website). This image will only be printed in this size for this Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition will be limited to a maximum of 500 copies. Both of these versions will be from the first edition printing of the book, which will be printed on heavyweight, fine art paper. The project is being personally supervised by Landy.

CLAPTON’S CROSSROADS --- The show happened last April; the DVD came out last month, but Eric Clapton’s Crossroads 2013 has captivated us regally so far this month. This was the fourth incarnation of the guitar-slinger’s Crossroads Festival; all to be benefit his rehab-facility (also named Crossroads) in Antigua.

Clapton founded this center in 1998 to help people suffering from chemical dependency. Besides Clapton, features, among others, John Mayer, Jeff Beck, the Allman Brothers, Buddy Guy, Keith Richards, Los Lobos, Robert Cray, Sonny Landreth, Steve Cropper, Robbie Robertson, and Vince Gill.

The album is just filled with splendid performances; my four favorites are “Bullet And A Target," from the combined talents of guitarist Doyle Brahmhall II and Citizen Cope (aka Clarence Greenwood). The Memphis-born Greenwood, as Cope, has been delivering such incredible and political music for quite some time now; especially on his album The Rainwater LP. Second: Clapton’s own "Got To Get Better In a Little While” and “Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad,” both tracks from his Derek & The Dominoes songbook, are just superb. Also amazing is how well these songs hold up today as they came out in 1970!

Third is The Beatles’“Don't Let Me Down” performed by Mayer and Keith Urban. Say what you will about Mayer, but his musical prowess is rather awe-inspiring. It’s no wonder that Clapton recruited him early on for his album with the late-great J. J. Cale; the excellent Road To Escondido.

Four: Dylan’s song “I Shall Be Released” performed by the wondrous Robbie Robertson with Clapton … just a great, great moment for sure.

Clapton also duets with Vince Gill on his own “Lay Down Sally” with excellent results. Surprisingly, the two blend quite well.

Also represented are guitarist Earl Klugh and Jimmi Vaughan, who proves himself right up there with his late brother Stevie-Ray Vaughan. Also on this album (and, accompanying DVD) is Keith Richards performing “Key To The Highway.”

This album made my day – thanks to Jason Elzy at Rhino for sending it our way.

Dominick Dipietrantonio

CLOSING NOTES --- Long Island-based singer Dominick Dipietrantonio working on new music for a forthcoming epic movie; we’ll keep you posted…

Neil Diamond turned 73 yesterday; and again, congratulations on his new recording deal with Capitol Records …

Plenty of Grammy activity this week in Hollywood. The show is on Sunday and we’ll have a full wrap-up come Monday. The top two top moments to look for on the show is the onstage reunion of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and the performance by Jay Z and Beyonce. Stay tuned …

PR-pasha David Salidor on the Justin Bieber brouhaha on Rich Stevens’ radio (850WFTL/Miami/West Palm Beach) show this morning: “The really disturbing aspect was the fact that his father was with him for the entire event; is he an enabler? Seems so.”

Loved Daily Variety’s early-tale on Aaron Eckhart’s new movie I, Frankenstein …A Monster Mess … ouch!

Bill Werde, Billboard Magazine's Editorial Director since 2008, has abruptly exited the music trade publication. Owners Guggenheim Partners have announced that Janice Min, who transformed their Hollywood Reporter from dull movie trade rag to glitzy glossy, will now add helmsman of Billboard to her portfolio.

No mention of Werde's exit was made when announcing Min's arrival, but Werde has since tweeted that he is "leaving" the magazine. "Mine has been an amazing seat from which to watch the entertainment business evolve,” he said.

Industry insiders are secretly applauding his departure as he had built a reputation as not-user-friendly presence at the magazine. I just saw him on NBC’s Today Show earlier and they billed him as entertainment reporter. I don't think he'll be back anytime soon …

The Band Photo Courtesy Of: Elliott Landy

Saturday, November 16, 2013



Gerald McCullouch

Gerald McCullouch (Bones, NCIS, House and contributing columnist for TimesSquareGossip) is an award winning film maker best known for his 10 seasons as Bobby Dawson on “CSI” and as Roger in the BearCity franchise. A prior OUT 100 honoree, he attended this year's “OUT 100" gala acknowledging the year's 100 most compelling individuals in the LGBT community to discuss his feature film directorial debut "Daddy". Follow Daddy @DaddyTheMovie. The event was sponsored by OUT Magazine and Buick and held at NYC's hot spot Terminal 5.


Colin McCormack (Gerald McCullouch) thinks he has it all — a great job, a steady stream of hot younger guys, and a best friend, Stew (Dan Via), whose devotion he takes for granted. But when a charming and mercurial intern sweeps him off his feet, Colin sees a chance for something more: A family of his own. What he discovers instead is a shattering truth that may cost Colin everything -- and everyone -- he holds dear.

By turns funny and heartbreaking, DADDY explores the universal need for love and connection, and the evolving understanding of "family" in today's rapidly changing world. Following a buzz-heavy world premiere in New York and an extended run in LA, the critical smash play by actor/writer Dan Via is now coming to the big screen in a film directed by Gerald McCullouch.

Why This Story Now?

With great change comes uncertainty. Colin is a successful gay man in his 40s who is suddenly confronted with options he never thought he’d have: marriage, parenthood, family. Because he grew up believing these things were out of reach, he made choices accordingly. So is he even prepared to embrace these new options? Is it too late? 

The changing dynamics also shine a spotlight on Colin’s relationship with his best friend, Stew. They’ve essentially been each other’s family for 20+ years. Where does that type of bond fit into the new world order? Although DADDY isn’t “about” these issues – it’s first and foremost a compelling story – these themes are definitely woven into the fabric of the characters’ lives, enhancing the timeliness and impact of the film.

Why Kickstarter?

DADDY is being brought to life by the people best suited to do it the right way: Actor/Director Gerald McCullouch (“CSI”, BearCity and BearCity2), who originated the role of Colin in the New York premiere of the play and reprised the role in Los Angeles, and Dan Via, who wrote both the play and the screenplay, and played Stew opposite Gerald in both productions. And providing guidance, deep knowledge and invaluable experience is Stephen Israel (Swimming with Sharks, Boy Culture, G.B.F.)

We’ve been fortunate enough to secure roughly 2/3 of the budget required to make the film without any financier demands that would interfere with our vision. No “You have to cast my nephew Chuckie.” No “What if Colin were straight and Stew was a beagle?” In order to keep this level of creative freedom, we’re hoping to raise the rest of our budget with the help of generous people like you. So...

We hope you'll agree with us that DADDY is a worthy project, and that you'll consider helping to make it happen.

Risks and challenges--Learn about accountability on Kickstarter.

We need your support to raise the financing required to bring DADDY through production. The more we raise together, the more value we can afford to put on screen. The money raised through this campaign will help us acquire the highest quality product, materials, locations and a multitude of other production costs including paying for necessary bonds and insurance fees. Making a great film is challenging and we may face unforeseen obstacles and with you support and a successful campaign we will be certain to achieve our goal: to make a strong and commanding film worthy of it's critical acclaim.

We are a modest operation with our creative team donating their time and resources. No funds raised will go to our creative team. All funds will be applied to production costs to prep, shoot, and complete our film. With the critical praise this story received on both coasts, we are certain our energy will pay off in the end with a powerful film that will resonate with a very long life.

Film-making, however, is a long and arduous process. There are inherent risks of delay in the process (this is the film business, after all!). We will communicate with our backers throughout the campaign and the journey as our feature film gets made and out into the world. The film won't be finished until next summer, and will most likely be released in 2015. But we guarantee that it will be completed, and that the entire creative team will endlessly dedicate our efforts until the film reaches its highest potential. With your support, we are certain this film can reach a worldwide audience. Let's do this together!

Saturday, August 04, 2012


 Russell Crowe

The world's most technologically advanced book has finally arrived and it's being completely financed by Kickstarter, And Russell Crowe.

Authored by Mark Staufer, screenwriter of the upcoming Bill Hicks biopic, and produced by Future360 founder and Discovery's Planet 100 host Sarah Backhouse, The Numinous Place ( is a transmedia project that combines text, art, video, and images into one. It’s got artwork done by artist Larry Soileau – an original comic created just for The Numinous Place. Even with little to no press coverage outside of New Zealand, the project has already raised over $30,000 on Kickstarter (, with support from none other than the new Jor-El himself, Russell Crowe.

With elements of everything from Inception to the Da Vinci Code to the Wachowskis' Matrix and upcoming Cloud Atlas, The Numinous Place promises an interactive experience never before encountered by readers, akin to playing a video game like Myst, Halo’s I Love Bees, and NIN’s Year Zero for the first time. However, the clock is ticking for The Numinous Place and if it doesn't raise $75,000 by August 9, consumers may not be able to enjoy this next step in the evolution of new media.

Photo By: Sara de Boer/Retna