Linda Lauren

Linda Lauren is the premier Psychic Medium and Metaphysical Content Creator in the virtual realty world known as Second Life (SL). Linda lives her SL life much like her daily real life by doing readings for people throughout the world, creating new and exciting Reiki and meditation products, jewelry, clothing and crystals. Linda further extends her SL reach through her column Medium Rare™ found in The Second Life Enquirer.

Linda’s island in SL, ETU Abbracciare, is an oasis of serenity with beautiful meditative gardens, a Crystal Cave, paths to walk on, an Angel Retreat where avatars do Tai Chi, Yoga and more. This special place is one where many come to regroup and recharge on a daily basis. In many ways, her metaphysical center, Linda Lauren’s Embracing The Universe, mirrors her Mountainside, NJ, Center. Both places have a library, a comfortable seating area, a reading room, a corporate meeting area and Reiki healing room. The SL Center may be larger in size, but they both serve the same purpose.

As 4th generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren teaches, there is no limit to enhancing, learning and embracing your spirit. By using her tools and absorbing the amazing energy of ETU Abbracciare, anyone can accomplish their goals whether in Second Life or Real Life.

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ABOUT LINDA LAUREN: Renowned Fourth Generation Psychic Medium, Author and Energy Artist Linda Lauren provides a variety of distinguished services at Linda Lauren’s Embracing The Universe Metaphysical Center in Mountainside, NJ. Linda uses her abilities to connect with people who come to her for guidance through the color and energy she senses around them. The LLETU Center is a serene place for her clients to enjoy an escape from the stress around them. There, Linda also shares her knowledge by offering guidance in positive living through private sessions, relaxation, meditation, and Reiki healing. Linda Lauren is the author of Hostage in Time, a paranormal time-travel romance. Lauren’s blog Medium Rare™ can be found on, her and author pages, as well as multiple sites.