Monday, August 20, 2012




Jerry Springer At Carnegie Deli

Not many restaurants piss me off, but Ben's Kosher Deli just did.

Every time my mother visits New York City, she wants Carnegie Deli. She wants her Pastrami and Corned Beef on Rye sandwich. This time I made a bad mistake. 

I decided to try and save walking and time by going to Ben's Kosher Deli on 38th street and 7th avenue. I thought maybe it would be the same. I ordered her favorites at a cost at almost 17 bucks and I left the restaurant. Outside I feel like the bag is very light, so I open it up. To my surprise, the sandwich was small and there was no Corned Beef. I go back inside and ask for a refund. I am told the manager is downstairs and I will have to wait a while. I tell them I can not wait and I just want a refund. I tell them that this is a disgrace, that they sell this sandwich for almost 17 bucks and it is so small, my mother would still be hungry.

The manager comes upstairs, and instead of trying to fix the problem, he argues with me that the sandwich weighs a pound. He then goes behind the counter and throws the meat on the scale. The scale shows its not a pound and he is picking scrapes off the counter to make it add up to a pound. I ask him where the Corned Beef is, and he starts pulling apart the meat, telling me this is Corned Beef and this is Pastrami. To me they looked the same. Fatty meat on a very small sandwich and there was no Russian dressing like I had ordered.

Now I know why this place was just about empty. As I looked around, almost every table was empty. It could only be because they serve these kind of sandwiches. Ben's Kosher Deli is located right in the middle of the Fashion District. The place should have been packed with workers and tourists. It was not. I was amazed that the manager would not have offered to fix the sandwich, instead of arguing with me. Not only will I never go back, I am telling my readers to skip this place. 


After leaving Ben's Kosher Deli, I decided there was only one real place to get a Pastrami and Corned Beef sandwich and that was The Carnegie Deli. I walked up there and ordered the sandwich. It was huge and made the way it was supposed to be. The place was packed, which tells you that good food and good service brings in the customers. The sandwich was so big, my mother said she will have leftovers to have on her plane ride home. If you want real Kosher food, don't settle for less, go to Carnegie Deli on 55th street and 7th avenue. You can even order the Jerry Springer Sandwich. You won't be disappointed!


Anonymous said...

Do your research before jumping to conclusions. Carnegie deli is kosher style, but not actualy kosher like Bens. Kosher meat is double the price, always.


You know something, I don't care what the difference is. For almost 17 bucks, what they served me was garbage. The rye bread was falling apart, it had no Russian dressing as ordered and you could not tell what was the Corned Beef and Pastrami. It did not weigh what they said it did and the sandwich was so small, anyone would have been still hungry. Any business owner would have tried to correct the problem, instead of arguing. Most of my restaurant reviews are very nice, I try to see the good in these places, but their attitude and arrogance proved that they do not belong in the business. How much time would it have taken to make the sandwich the right way? When you go to a place and you feel ripped off, you never want to go back and you tell all your friends. In my case, I not only told some of my famous friends, I told my readers. Give the public what they are paying for and they will come back. Give them crap and they will not. I am very happy to print their side of the story if they contact me.