Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Tanay Jackson On YouTube

Tanay Jackson, Tito Jackson's daughter and the niece of megastar Michael Jackson, launches a new campaign to show the world just what she's got going for her...and that's a lot. Like her uncle, Jackson combines exciting, evocative songwriting with expressive and energetic stage routines. Reviews say “she looks incredible onstage...a great performer,” and “Tanay obviously takes after her Aunt Janet.” She records in the Pop music genre.

Her most recent music video “Honey” is available for viewing on YouTube; Jackson is the songwriter and director. She is the only daughter of former The Jackson Five/The Jacksons guitarist Tito Jackson and the younger half-sister of Taryll, Tito and TJ Jackson, members of the singing group 3T.

Like the first generation of the Jackson family, Tanay Jackson discovered her natural abilities at a young age. Raised by her mother in Maryland, the gifted songwriter and performer was first recognized by her fourth grade music teacher who insisted on vocal training for the child prodigy. By the age of 12, Jackson began writing poetry and music for fun. She has received writing royalties from JASCAR in Japan for one of her songs; Sony Urban noticed her excellent writing and tried to negotiate a publishing deal with the talented performer.

She has also taught Hip Hop and Modern dance at the Dancers Workshop in Brooklyn, NY. Jackson also managed to land professional work as a dancer. With her electrifying elegance and style, Mr. John Blassingame, founder of Word-up Magazine, chose to enter Jackson in the Hype Hair beauty pageant. Jackson is an advocate for the weight loss community and an enthusiastic supporter of the Fresh Air Fund.

Tanay Jackson received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management in 2006 and is now CEO and President of Roth Entertainment and Lunar Music. She is currently touring the country.

“The Spotlight” and “Honey” are both available online at iTunes.

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