Thursday, July 12, 2012


 Thomas John

The everyday antics of Hollywood are often intriguing and hard to predict, but not for celebrity psychic Thomas John, who on January 1, 2012, during his two hour long, live podcast Voices from Beyond with Thomas John, accurately predicted the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

During the January podcast, Thomas John stated that there would be “change all around Tom Cruise this year,” predicting that Cruise may “be ending it (marriage) with current wife Katie Holmes.” ( Earlier this week, Holmes filed for divorce from the blockbuster actor after their 5 year long marriage. With a looming public divorce and custody battle well underway, Thomas John’s predictions couldn’t be more accurate.

“In January on my website I also predicted health issues with Whitney Houston and I also predicted a queen of soul would die. Unfortunately, Etta James, a great soul legend, and Whitney Houston, both passed this year,” said the psychic.

Earlier this year, Thomas also accurately predicted that pop star and successful designer Jessica Simpson would be “starting a new line of clothing” in 2012, stating that the collection could be “maternity wear.” In May, months after Thomas John’s predictions, Simpson announced plans to launch Jessica Simpson Maternity line, available for the fall 2012 season.

Thomas John is a psychic medium, and clairvoyant based in Manhattan. Thomas has been making accurate psychic predictions since the age of 4, and in 2010, he decided to exclusively focus his efforts on mediumship and psychic advice, using his spiritual gift to connect individuals around the world with dimensions beyond.

With readings known for their incredible accuracy and specific detail, Thomas John has provided unequivocal evidence of the survival of consciousness, with clients ranging from doctors, lawyers, Wall Street moguls, and several high-profile celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Courteney Cox.

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