Bitching By: James Edstrom

Miserable James Edstrom

I am being swamped with Publicists plugging their clients, and they just can not seem to do their job.

They send me one liners, like they just could not take the time to do their job. I am tired of telling these publicists to READ OUR SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. They ignore me.

They send me photos un-labeled, like I am supposed to know everyone in the world. They act like I am a retard because I ask for a real story and ask them to do their job right.

What has happened in the publicity world? Am I supposed to figure out what their event was? Am I supposed to figure out who everyone is in the shots? Is this too time consuming for these publicists to do the job for which they are paid for?

I have started to ask these people to take me off the list. Some do and send a little comment like I am the problem, and some just ignore and keep hammering my box with these stories that are not even stories. When will they stop and do their job? Do I have to name them the most useless publicists around?

If you are a publicist and are reading this, take me off your list if you can't take two seconds to read our submission guidelines and do your job the right way.

Many of you publicists are also going to get lawsuits. You steal photos from all the photo agencies and you send them to the media like you own the rights. I am lucky, that since I was a photographer for so many years, I ask if they own the rights. You have no idea how many e-mails I get back saying no and I can buy then from the agency. Let me get this straight. I am going to buy a photo to plug your client?

Another thing these publicists do. They will steal a photo from the photo agencies and have no shame sending it to me with a watermark on it. What is wrong with these people? I tell you one thing, I am going to start contacting their clients direct. They should know they hired a loser!


I hope most of you read my story on Verizon and how they hire everyone in India and provide the worst service I ever saw from any company. I am still reeling at the stress this company caused. I am still so pissed that this so-called American Company would outsource so many jobs to India. If you did not reads my story, you can click here.


Dune Point Fire Island

My month in Cherry Grove at Dune Point was just magic. Sitting in Dune Points dock offices, writing Times Square Gossip, was such a relaxing time. As I listened to the music play throughout Cherry Grove and all the people walking by and saying hello or waving, my memories will last a lifetime. Petra Brehl and Rick Dugas treated us like kings. Evening dinners cooked by Rick with Petra's mom Soňa Pavlasová Česká in attendance, as we watched the sunset, were a gourmet delight. I do not even eat this good at the finest restaurants in New York City. I can't wait to return soon.

We urge all Times Square Gossip readers to check out Dune Points website and see if this is a vacation you would want to experience. Times Square Gossip readers always get 10% off at Dune Point. Just type in "GOSSIP" at checkout and the savings are yours. For your off-season adventurers, Times Square Gossip readers get 15% discount at Dune Point in September and October. Just type in "TIMESSQUARE" at checkout and you are all set. You can also call Dune Point at 631-597-6261.

Cherry Grove is a very magical place. If you do visit, I want to hear how your trip was.


I only go into the Food Emporium in emergencies. They are open late and The Big Apple Market where most of the neighborhood shops, closes early. I really hate the Food Emporium. Their prices are just plain unfair and their managers just so rude.

I have written in the past the A&P Tea Company which owns the place and they gave me promises of a better store and better staff. This never happened. They never have enough staff to man the registers and you wait and wait, and they could care less.

The other night I went in there to buy Smoked Salmon. The Salmon on the shelf was labeled $17 something  and it rung up 5 bucks more. When I got the manager, she was rude, argumentative and said the smaller size was the $17 something. I argued that why was the more expensive size in the spot where the Salmon I wanted was. Why was none of the Smoked Salmons priced on each package, as this is the law. She was rude, acted like it was my mistake and refused to give it to me at the price that was labeled on the shelf, as is also the law.

I went in there again the other night. Like I say, I only go in emergencies and I needed Potato Bread. There were lines down the aisle and they only had two cashiers working. The manager went behind a register and opened it up. She announced that another cashier was open. I ran over there, was first in line and she got rude and told me people that have been waiting longer go first. I argued with her, that it was first come first served. She was rude once again like the night before.

The Food Emporium has some of the highest prices in New York City. They never have enough staff working and you wait and wait. I have found so many items outdated and yet they continue to rip off the people in this city. Their management staff is rude and Big Apple Market around the corner on 42nd and 9th, can be as much as half the price. Their produce sucks at Food Emporium and you can also do your vegetable shopping at Stiles Produce Market next to The Big Apple Market and that also is about half the price.

The A&P Tea Company has had financial problems. They filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in White Plains, N.Y. You wonder why? It's because they rip off the customer and they run their stores like crap. Plain and simple. Go shop somewhere else!