Micky Dolenz

The other night we were guests at the 2012 HAPPY TOGETHER tour; featuring The Buckinghams; The Grass Roots; Gary Puckett; Micky Dolenz; and, Flo & Eddie akaThe Turtles. 

The Buckinghams (“Kind Of A Drag”)and The Grass Roots didn't disappoint at all as they blazed through their hits, sounding like we just heard them on the radio yesterday. The Roots in particular were spectacular; as their canon of hits “Let’s Live for Today,” “Temptation Eyes” and “I’d Wait A Million years” were huge crowd favorites. Last year, we lost Rob Grill, the main-Root, but you'd never know it listening to them. Gary Puckett, sans his group The Union Gap, looked great and sounded terrific. One of our group said his act these days, owed more to Tom Jones, than anything, but he delighted and the crowd. 

After a short break, where we hung with Dolenz’s pr-man David Salidor and Q104.3’s Jim Kerr trading show biz stories, we were back inside the cavernous Westbury-stage as Dolenz entered the stage and immediately amped up the festivities, as witnessed by the opening lines of their first song “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone.” We have seen Micky numerous times, but never felt the energy like it was last night. Dressed in black, topped off with a black trilby, Dolenz put 200% into his performance. His guitarist (and, musical director) Wayne Avers, stood nearby and pumped up the performance remarkably well. The loss a few months back of Dolenz’s Monkee-ally Davy Jones hung heavy in the air and Dolenz addressed it emotionally and terrifically. Saying Jones was the brother he never had, he launched into “Last Train To Clarksville” and “I’m A Believer,” which the sold-out crowd went crazy for.

Throughout the whole show, there were three girls, dressed to the nines, sitting in the first row, and Dolenz addressed them directly, which was a nice touch. (I actually ran into them after the show and although all were in their early-twenties, they said this was the best show they'd ever seen … take that Justin Bieber). 

Dolenz’s forays into the theater-world were evidenced onstage as he was so strong and compelling, you couldn’t take your eyes off him. I know he wants to do more theater and after last night’s stellar performance, I bet he'll have his share of offers come this week. 

Flo & Eddie were just sensational too; performing their array of hits including “Happy Together” and a riveting “Elenore,” and “She’d Rather be With Me.” Though they started off described as a surf band, (Crossfires) Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman have developed into terrific performers. 

With the rendition of “Together,” they were joined by the performers … one by one. A terrific finale for sure. All in all, a most Happy Together evening.


Anonymous said…
This writer needs an editor who understands spelling, grammar and punctuation! I've never seen such misuse of the semicolon anywhere and NOT EVERY WORD NEEDS A COMMA next to it! YEECH
James Edstrom said…
You are so right, the programming must have botched it all together. We have fixed. Thanks for saying something!