Following on the success of Little Women, Big Cars, and to celebrate international “Take Your Dog to Work Day”, AOL just launched a new original new series Fetching, on AOL On Relationships. The comedy about love, dogs and their owners, was created by Amy Harris, one of the producers of Sex and the City, Gossip Girl and the upcoming prequel to Sex and the City, The Carrie Diaries.

Set against the backdrop of Los Angeles, Fetching stars Liza, a young woman who quit her job as a lawyer and ended her engagement in the same week, to pursue her dreams of opening her own business - a doggy day care store called “Fetching.” Can she survive her dog’s and friend’s advice to find love and success in her new life?

Liza quits her job as a lawyer and calls off her engagement when she realizes that she’s not ready to settle down and become the wife and mother her fiancĂ©, Mitch, expects her to be. She starts over by using the money she saved for her wedding to open a new business: a doggy day care store called Fetching. She hires her friends Matt and Daveed, and the loveable Adi, to help out. As the business grows, Liza struggles to juggle challenging clients (and their dogs), the business competition, and her brother's family, all the while trying to find love again. The problem is, her dog Oscar has an opinion on who she dates too.

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Meet the Cast

Liza (Collette Wolfe, Next Caller, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, Cougar Town) - A newly single thirty-something who has recently quit her job as a lawyer and opens a doggy day care called Fetching.

Oscar - Liza’s adorable mutt rescued from a shelter who is her closest (cuddliest) confidant, and may have better taste in who Liza should date than she does.

Matt (Levi Fiehler, WOLF TOWN) - A single Princeton Grad who works as Fetching’s dog walker and may not be quite living up to his potential.

Blake (Dave Annable, Brothers & Sisters) - A local bank executive who is charming, devastatingly handsome and extremely allergic to dogs.

Sheila (Elaine Hendrix, THE PARENT TRAP) - Fetching's biggest client, along with her overly pampered pup Frederick, just may be the shop’s biggest pain in the tail.

Adi (Sandra Vergara, FRIGHT NIGHT) - The sexy and opinionated Latina receptionist at Fetching who gives Liza her sassy but honest advice about love and men.

David a.k.a. Daveed (Brian Tichnell, STAINED GLASS) - Fetching’s gay dog groomer who was once the hottest hairdresser to the stars now only styles dogs because they don't talk back.