Eat Drink And Be Married

Most women will agree that it’s pretty much a necessity to have at least a few loyal and trustworthy friends in their life – friends who sometimes know them better than they know themselves. Such is the scenario when four friends come together for one of their weddings in Rebecca Bloom’s Eat, Drink and Be Married (Self/iuniverse), only to discover each of them is hiding a piece of themselves from each other.

When college girlfriends on opposite sides of the country leave busy schedules behind to join their former roommate for her wedding in Lake Tahoe, they not only bring suitcases packed with ‘what-not-to-wear’ bridesmaid dresses, but baggage of a more emotional kind.

Supported by a variety of diverse characters determined to wreak havoc on their carefully organized lives, each woman is forced to come to terms with her past before she walks down the aisle. A bottle of booze, a multitude of laughs, a hankie or two worth of tears, and seventy-two hours in the presence of those who know and love them the most produces the perfect recipe for four women to Eat, Drink, and Be Married.

Already receiving great reviews on, Eat, Drink and Be Married immediately draws the reader into the entertaining world that surrounds Bloom’s endearing, eclectic characters – making readers a little envious of such close-knit friendships. The writer’s rich telling of the dialogue that occurs when best friends get together for a special event makes for a page-turner that every modern woman can enjoy!

Eat, Drink and Be Married is ‘chick lit’ at its absolute finest and funniest and needs to be made available at every bridal salon in the country – where brides and their best friends can have an opportunity to identify with its characters, their situations, or both!

Rebecca Bloom’s previous novels, Girl Anatomy and Tangled up in Daydreams were featured in numerous national and regional publications including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, In Style and others, in addition to various electronic outlets including EXTRA, Good Day Live and Dallas Morning News. In addition, Bloom also served as the executive editor then editor at large for Los Angeles Confidential Magazine.

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