Dick Van Dyke With The Doctors

On Thursday, May 3, the recently remarried, 86 year-old show biz veteran Dick Van Dyke visits the Emmy Award-winning syndicated daytime talk show THE DOCTORS. For more than 60 years, Dick has entertained audiences through song, dance, film and theatre. Today, he is more vibrant than ever, despite a 50-plus year battle with arthritis. How does he stay so young and keep up with his younger wife Arlene, a yoga master? Beside luck (he says he has great genes!) Dick, who played a doctor in the CBS drama series Diagnosis: Murder, shares his secrets:

· Move and do the things you love. Dick sings in a quartet at benefits and still dances from time to time, including on the set of THE DOCTORS.

· Exercise daily. To keep arthritis at bay, Dick does exercises that are easy on the joints, including swimming and bouncing on a mini trampoline.

· Eat right. Every day for breakfast, Dick eats a fiber-rich breakfast of Raisin Brain with additional raisins, topped with Wheat Bran and blueberries. Blueberries are not only said to increase brain function but are like nature’s “little blue pill!”

Other foods he enjoys include salmon for its Omega 3 fatty acids and Brazil nuts, which are full of selenium and spices like ginger and turmeric. All of these foods are also anti-inflammatories, which are great for anyone suffering from arthritis.

He stays away from refined carbs, sugary candy and fried foods that are full of saturated fat.

· Keep young friends (like his new wife!)