Your Hosts Rick Dugas And Petra Brehl

Well it has been a wonderful stay at Dune Point on historic Fire Island. We have about a week left, then it's back to Times Square for a reality check. The people in Cherry Grove have been wonderful and as always Petra Brehl And Rick Dugas have made my stay another adventure to remember.

We have been trying to catch up on all the stories and photos for Times Square Gossip, as we have been slacking off a bit. Since I could not get a very good Internet connection or my son would not give up my laptop, Petra has been kind enough to let me work in the Dune Point offices on the dock and it has been so much fun. I have been checking people in and out and Petra and Rick have taught me the hotel business from the ground up. I must say this has been one of the most exciting trips to Dune Point. I have learned so much. 

I always bitched about going away somewhere and then I was told the room would not be ready till 3pm. I always wondered why if I check in at 3pm, why do I have to check out at 11am. Now I know. 

 John Brand And Aneta Brazinova At Dune Point

Petra decided that I could handle the hotel for a few days, and went away for a much needed break. She has been renovating more Dune Point rooms all winter and she needed a break. So I said I could handle it. I thought it would be a breeze, but I got smart real quick. 

I realized that you needed the few hours after someone checked out to clean the rooms, so my bitching in the past about rooms not being ready before three, will never happen again. And here I am in the office waiting for people to check out and they do not. I got the whole cleaning staff ready to move on the rooms and clean, but the guests are not. LOL. You will never hear me bitch about checking out late again, I will leave any hotel early now. 

Then there's the people who showed up at 11am in the morning when the check in was at three. They look at me like I made a terrible mistake and I should give them my first born or something. Each and every time this happened, I was horrified. I would text the cleaning staff and put a rush on the room, but there is just so many rooms you can do this on. Imagine if everyone showed up this early. I was very lucky for the most part, that the guests at Dune Point Fire Island are great people. Petra and Rick have built up a very exclusive clientele. I have no idea why they even let me stay, I am always a bitch. 

Soňa Pavlasová Česká And Petra Brehl Barbecue

This season at Dune Point looks fantastic. If you haven't already booked your rooms, do it now. Everyone has heard of the quality of Dune Point and for the most part, rooms are hard to come by now. But there are still some available, so head over to and check. As always, Times Square Gossip readers get a Dune Point Discount of 10%. Just type in the code word "GOSSIP" at checkout and the savings are yours. You can also Call Petra at 631-597-6261 and tell them you want your Dune Point Times Square Gossip discount. Don't take my word for it, check all the travel sites and look at the photos on Dune Points website. Dune Points reviews speak for themselves. 

We will also be putting together a special September and October deal for Dune Point Times Square Gossip Readers. The off season months are also full of excitement. We celebrate Christmas and Halloween in September and October has huge events to keep everyone happy.

I would also love to hear about your stay, and if you catch me in the office, please check in at 3pm and check out on time. LOL. Only in Cherry Grove my friends!