One Bedroom With Ocean View

We are getting ready for another great summer at Dune Point. We are making a list and checking it twice. Everyone get ready for my famous clam bakes at my barbecue. This year we plan on Dune Point being the only place to stay.

Petra and Rick have worked hard all winter renovating more rooms. Their love for their customers never stops. There is a huge excitement in Cherry Grove this season. We have new restaurants and clubs opening and already everyone is running around getting ready for a great season. We plan on spending a lot of time there, writing Times Square Gossip and learning the hotel business from Petra Brehl and Rick Dugas.

It may be strange, but something fascinates me about learning from them. As I watched them last year, I was really amazed at what it takes to run a top notch hotel. I just thought you checked people in and checked people out. It is so much more. Last summer I watched Petra and Rick go over every detail on every customer to make their stay great. They would sit there in Cherry's On The Bay and talk about what they could do next summer to make things even better. Every detail, from the towels to the soap from Europe.

Large Studio With Ocean View

This week when I called Petra, she was counting pots and pans, silverware and even ice trays for the refrigerators. She wants to make sure every room has everything. Rick was checking every inch of the new renovated rooms to make sure they were top notch and ready to go. I will be out there early as always, because off-season is wonderful. I will be the first to stay in the new renovated room 12, right off the deck where I will be holding court. Ill be there around April 26th, the day before the hotel opens for it's new season. I hope to see some of my friends from last summer there and I hope to meet new ones.

You can catch all the updates on Times Square Gossip, to see all the new adventures we will be having. We plan on cooking lessons from famed Celebrity Chef Stephen Daniello from Top Of The Bay Bistro, and a crash course on how to make coffee that DJ Susan Levine won't complain about. Chef Stephen will be writing recipes and DJ Susan Levine will be writing on what songs are hot in the clubs. She will also be spinning the hits at Cherry's On the Bay. This is going to be one wild summer!

As always, Times Square Gossip friends, get a 10% Dune Point discount. Just type in the code word "GOSSIP" at checkout, and you're on your way for a great adventure. Or call Petra at 631-597-6261 and tell her you want your Times Square Gossip Discount, and the savings are yours.

You can look at photos and book a room at DUNE POINT FIRE ISLAND.