New Leaf Ring By Valeno

Valeno is owned by Nora Molero and my wonderful sister in law, Lena Edstrom. These two ladies enjoy quality and the fine things in life. Quality and fine things can be surprisingly affordable. You just need to look in the right place.

As many women do, Lena and Nora love accessories, and jewelry is one of their favorite ways to take an outfit from bland to glam. However, recent years it has become almost impossible to find good-quality, elegant and unique jewelry in stores and online. Nora and Lena felt as though a majority of the available jewelry is mass-produced, ordinary, and frankly cheap looking. What's more, you often don’t get good value for your money. For example, a small ordinary sterling silver pendant can cost more than $100 in a department store.

That’s why Nora and Lena decided to start the Valeno online silver store. Here they can share their passion for quality and beauty with other women who appreciate and value unique designs and handcrafted pieces.

New Bold Earings From Valeno

The Valeno Philosophy

The idea of Valeno is simple: for affordable prices provide bold, delicate, exciting, and elegant silver jewelry that you can’t find anywhere else. Valeno offers a way to enjoy everyday luxury without spending too much money. The sterling silver pieces are made to last and to become heirlooms for the future. All silver pieces come in pretty jewelry boxes that not only protect your new purchase, but also make it a perfect gift for a friend, or why not for yourself?


Nora Molero started exploring silver jewelry years ago, moved by her passion for this craftsmanship that is a mastered art form in her native country, Peru. She recognizes the pride that South American silversmiths take in their profession. Nora is always looking for new silver elements, finishes, and textures to offer unique and exclusive pieces to Valeno customers.

Nora has an Associate Degree in Foreign Trade and a background in various aspects related to international trade. For the past fifteen years she has worked with finance and international affairs.


Lena Estrom is from Sweden but has lived in the U.S. for many years. She uses her European taste and sense of style as Valeno decides on the design and look of the collection. When she travels throughout countries like Italy and Czech Republic, she takes in the beauty and aesthetics of these countries as inspiration for the Valeno products.

Lena has an MBA and a background in marketing and web design. Besides her passion for fine jewelry, Lena enjoys writing and languages.

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