Awake In The Woods

The recent talk on the new film “Awake in the Woods” has gotten us so interested here at Times Square Gossip we had heard so much about this creepy film we had to do our research and see for ourselves what the talk is all about. Filmed in the small town of Marion, NY we looked into the legend of these woods. Sure enough after numerous phone calls to local establishments and random homeowners no one would go into the story. We hear the woods are haunted we have heard bout all the myths and the legends but now it raises curiosity how no one would speak about them. One town diner owner told us to never call again, another establishment told us not to look into this any further, a general store owner told us he would call the police if we called again while others just simply hung up on us when we even mentioned the Marion woods. After numerous attempts and many disconnects we couldn’t stop with our persistence and finally were able to get in contact with the filmmakers family members who let us watch what they had on tape. What we witnessed was so disturbing and shocking it completely left me speechless. I remember when the Blair Witch Project came out it was so spooky gave me nightmares for a week. Not knowing if Awake in the Woods is reality is the scariest point of the whole film, just really not knowing and as it progresses I couldn’t help to think that what was caught on film was actually happening to these people it was riveting, frightening and bone chilling. It is a definite must see but be prepared to be “awake” for along time after viewing this upcoming thriller. "Awake in the Woods" tells the story of small town friends Ronnie (Award winning producer Theresa Galeani), Derek (Award winning actor Keith Collins), and Tucker (Award winning filmmaker Nicholas Boise) growing up hearing stories of odd happenings, hunter's reporting strange occurrences, Parents warning their children not to go too far into the woods. But when 7 year-old Madelaine (Madelaine Kemp) does not heed her parents warning and goes missing in the woods these three friends search for the truth. Set out to document their findings, what happened to them is unexplainable. Only one of them was left wandering, alone, awake in the woods.