Sunset At Dune Point Fire Island

Summer is almost here and everyone is already asking me about Dune Point in Cherry Grove Fire Island for summer 2012.

Many of my readers last summer, took my advice and took a trip out to Dune Point to experience GAY Cherry Grove and the feedback has been wonderful. Dune Point is the only place to stay in Cherry Grove, since nothing else matches the quality and the love you will receive from Petra Brehl and her staff.

I was very lucky to have stayed there so many times last season. It was hard, word has traveled fast and the rooms were booked up almost every day. A lot of my time was spent moving from room to room as I told everyone to book early, and the fool I was, I didn't. So Petra and co-manager Rick would arrive with their cart and pack me and my son up and we would move into another location, which was kind of cool. I got to experience many of the rooms, they are all different and they all have a different charm. No two rooms are the same.

Your Host Petra Brehl

This season is going to be even better. Petra and Rick have re-designed so many more rooms. New kitchens, new bathrooms, new everything. Almost every room is now brand new. Over the summer, Petra would sit outside my door with floor plans for Dune Point and design everything she wanted in the new units. She would mumble that there is no way I'm putting the bathroom there again or I'm moving the kitchen so we can fit bigger appliances. She sat there, plans laid out on the deck and she wrote measurements down to the millimeter. I was impressed. I was having a hard time figuring out where I was going to drink that night and here was Petra designing a whole hotel, pipes, outlets, everything.

Rick Dugas Relaxes At Dune Point

So I am very excited about this season. Because of Petra and Rick, other business owners are seeing the light and fixing things. They have created a new fever in Cherry Grove that has not been there for so many years. For years we have suffered in the dumpy hotels there, the bad stores and now this has changed almost everywhere and I am convinced it is because Petra and Rick. Dune Point is the place to stay and Cherry Grove is the place to be.

Cherry's On The Bay, the only place to drink and party is also expanding. The owners Donna and Jacque have brought Jack's on the ocean and are renovating it and re-naming it Sand Castle. These two girls are gems. Donna and Jacque know how to keep the customer happy and Sand Castle is supposed to have a high end food menu, which I know will be great. For years Jack's on the ocean has just been a dead spot for some reason. It's a shame, as this is the only place to party on the ocean and with these girls taking over, we are sure to have a hit.

One Bedroom Apartment At Dune Point Fire Island

So start planning your summer now. It's right around the corner and as always, Times Square Gossip readers always get 10% discount. Just type in "GOSSIP" at checkout and the savings are yours. Dune Point is located right on the ocean and steps away from all the action. All rooms are fully equipped with complete kitchens. All you need to bring is the food and you can have it delivered to the island by Peapod. To find out how, just click their ad on this page to arrange a delivery. They have everything you need and you don't have to pay the outrageous prices at the supermarket. To book a room at Dune Point, click HERE. You can always call Dune Point at 631-597-6261 to also book a room. Tell Petra you want your Times Square Gossip Discount.

Photos By: James Edstrom / Petra Brehl


Anonymous said…
I am a huge Fan of Dune Point, my introduction to Fire Island was with my first stay in Dune Point in 1976. Wow, I was so happy with the service, the view and the immaculate accomadations. Petra Brehl really kicked it up a few notches, the renovations are beautiful, the staff is friendlier than ever and the beauty that surrounds our gay community is out of sight. The maid service is first class, the bedding is always fresh and they supply towel service a few things I am always concerned about. I give her a big thumbs ups for what she has done for our community..
The Two Johns said…
I stayed there last summer and met James. He was wild and he made us have such a great time. We went back again just to see him. He made us feel like family there, fed us, gave us drinks and told us some wild stories. We are making our reservations once again and hope he's there.
James Edstrom said…
Are you the two Johns I taught to buy liquor from the mainland? lol.... Hope to see you guys soon. And for the anon comment, It's just a great staff and the girls will be back again this year and Petra's mom Sona will be there at some point in the summer. Wish I was there now, would love to do some major photography this year...

Anonymous said…
I found Dune Point from you guys. You were right on the money, we had a great time. And you were right, Petra took care of us good, my friends from France loved it.
Anonymous said…
Although you discuss the merits on one hand, you rip apart the rest of the community. You are probably unaware that as you tear into Jack's, D&J are in ownership with the owner of the once Jack's. So to impugn one third of the current team...
And sorry pal, but PeaPod does nothing for Cherry Grove but bring her bottom line to a crash. If Cherry Grove is to survive, the money needs to be spent in Cherry Grove, not on the mainland. The stores prices are competitive for perishables. And yes, the shelf stable stuff and sundries are a little higher. They don't call that road that separates Bohemia from Sayville, 'Tariff Rd' for nothing. How do you think things arrive onto Fire Island? By free freight?
Last...just because your ass is kissed in one place and ignored in others...doesn't make it the ONLY place. There are OTHER places....
You are a myopic dick, and not so good for Cherry Grove as you think you are.
James Edstrom said…
First of all, I could have not had this published, but I believe everyone has their view.And I am giving you your say. Now here's my reply.

When you say I ripped apart the community, I maybe ripped apart part of it. The greedy business part. I dug into a dumpy hotel (Without mentioning any names I might add) and a store that charges too much. Come on, $2.99 for a quart of milk if I remember correctly? I can get a gallon for $3.99 shipped by Peapod and with freight I still come out way ahead. So I am always tired of hearing that the freight brings the prices higher, they add a little to the cost. I know, I have had many shipments on the Ferry. I am also tired of hearing that they only have 6 months to make their money. These businesses make in 6 months, what any normal store on the mainland would make in a year or more. If they didn't, they would not be there. And yes, some businesses are only getting by. Maybe they should think why? So I don't fall for those lines.

I never said I was good for Cherry Grove. I have been coming out there for almost 30 years and have seen it all. I have stayed everywhere just about and I know the score. I have spent my money at these businesses for years and a good part of the time I felt ripped off.I was pointing out that for once the customer was important in Cherry Grove and Dune Point was a great place to stay where you know it is clean and the people nice. I also was not putting down the former owner of Jack's.

I just said this. "For years Jack's on the ocean has just been a dead spot for some reason. It's a shame, as this is the only place to party on the ocean and with these girls taking over, we are sure to have a hit. "

Thats what I said and I was promoting the new place. I was telling everyone how excited I was that we will now have this great spot on the Ocean. I know with the girls involved, it will be a great place. This I am sure of.

You say:" If Cherry Grove is to survive, the money needs to be spent in Cherry Grove, not on the mainland."

Well if certain businesses would be fair about their prices, we would shop there. Plain and simple. The ones that are, are getting our business. The ones that are not, people are making other arrangements. If they had fair prices, people would shop there, they would do more business and make more money in the long run.

So I do not understand your comment. I was promoting things I like in Cherry Grove, and I have every right to tell my readers what I like and do not like. A place that is nice like Dune Point will bring more visitors and more visitors mean more business for the businesses. So I think you are the myopic one. You don't see the whole picture of my story, a story that showed the fun and excitement of Cherry Grove and the good people. And the many many stories I have written the past year, shows this.

Anonymous said…
I agree James. I was giving up on Cherry Grove just like you, till I read about Dune Point and gave it a try. You may not remember us, but me and my boyfriend sat with you and Petra and we had a great conversation. The two of you really made us laugh and we felt like family. We will be back a few times this season, when will you be there? It is so nice to be at a place where everyone knows each other and everyone cares for each other. We are going to book one of the new renovated rooms too, we hope to see you there. Can you let us know when your party starts?