The Famed Sue Simmons Video

Once again NBC has proven that they have no loyalty to any of their employees. After 32 years, they have fired Sue Simmons. Sue hosted the NBC newscast with another legend Chuck Scarborough. Together they gave the Big Apple a news team you could trust.

Sue was a real New Yorker who told it like it was and even admitted to having a few drinks before going on the air. She brought worldwide attention to herself when she used the F-Word live on the air, a event that maybe shocked the rest of the country, but not the people of New York. We loved Sue Simmons for being real.

I remember many times in the 80's when I would be slamming down drinks and right alongside of me was the famed Sue Simmons. She was real and a news source you could trust. Back in those days New York was more of a party town and every member of the press would be running to events and having a few.

The past few years NBC has been showing how their employees mean nothing to them. They prove it time after time. One good example was when NBC moved the Jerry Springer Show from Chicago to Connecticut for tax breaks, and employees that had been with the show for many years were given the boot with just about no severance. The only employees that seemed to walk away with any kind of money, were the ones who knew of a certain NBC vice president's cocaine parties and alcohol binges. I for one witnessed this wild vice president at a event at New York's Cutting Room. We also drove around NYC in a huge stretch Limo, paid for by NBC. It might be good to also point out, that NBC just does not seem to want to pay taxes at all. Their parent company General Electric paid no taxes in 2010. They made $14.2 billion in worldwide profits that year, including $5.1 billion in the United States — and paid exactly zero dollars in federal taxes. But this means nothing as the NBC executives live a lavish lifestyle at the cost of taxpayers.

But back to Sue Simmons. She will surely be picked up by another network because we trust Sue Simmons and no one can deliver the news like her. The team of Sue Simmons and Chuck Scarborough could never be re-created anywhere, but Sue is such a talent, we are sure she will be heading onto bigger and better things.

Good Luck Sue, New Yorkers Love You!


Sandi said…
WNBC Staff Pissed About "Inaccurate" NY Post Story
And staying on the NBC beat....
Yesterday FTVLive posted a story from the New York Post about WNBC anchor Sue Simmons and her "$5 million a year salary"....
The Post story has many WNBC staffers seeing red. 
Sources tell FTVLive that a number of newsroom staffers at WNBC are furious at station brass for the management-fed character assassination of beloved anchor Sue Simmons in Thursday's New York Post. The story was filled with anonymous quotes from "station executives," "direct managers,"  and other bosses. It painted a picture of an old, disinterested Simmons, and even insinuated she has an alcohol problem. Except nothing in the article is true. And now station employees worry that if management could pull a hatchet job like this on a 32 year employee who is number one in the ratings, what could they do to the rest of the staff?
The article quoted management sources as saying Simmons earns $5 million per year. Insiders tell FTVLive that "number is preposterous."
Sources say that Simmons' pay was cut last year when she was taken off the 6PM news. The decreased work load reflected her decreased pay. Why else would Chuck Scarborough continue to anchor the 6PM news solo? You would think if NBC paid Simmons $5 million dollars per year they would ask her to do as many shows as possible. The 6PM ratings could sorely benefit from the team of Chuck and Sue. But Sue's current contract is about less work for much less pay. Nonetheless, management allowed the Post to print the unheard of salary of $5 million per year.
The article says her bosses feel Simmons' salary is "absurdly inflated." Yet this is the same management that agreed to this salary, so why all of a sudden the outrage?
The article says management feels that Simmons had been "phoning it in." Insiders say that this is the same management that knows that after the recent deaths of Etta James and Whitney Houston, Simmons was phoning in tips and setting up interviews with heavy hitters in the music business. (Simmons' father was a well known jazz musician in New York.)
The Post story claims that her "direct managers complained that if they cut her, they could save other jobs." This argument is specious because the NBC O&O's are in a major expansion. People are being hired, not fired. Also, it would be stupidly naive for Simmons' "direct managers," news director Susan Sullivan and GM Michael Jack to think that the money saved from a talent cut would automatically go back to the news department to be used elsewhere. 
Finally, the article insinuates that Simmons has a drinking problem. The fact is that she has never been taken off the air or been told to go home because anyone suspected she was drunk. (The famous YouTube cursing incident happened when she thought the promo was being recorded, and wasn't told it was being done live, which is out of the ordinary).
Newsroom employees are shocked at the way management is treating Simmons.
Stay tuned as the fallout of firing Simmons continues to cause big problems for WNBC and their image.
James Edstrom said…
This has been going on at NBC for a while now. They have a huge talent pool, yet they do not blink a eye at getting rid of any of them. There is no loyalty at NBC, only back room deals, like moving the Jerry Springer show and others to Stanford Connecticut. Sources have told me a Vice President is from there and made this back room deal for tax breaks. They got rid of huge talented people at the Springer show, with little severance pay. Like I said, the only ones who walked away with anything were the ones that hinted that they would expose this cocaine snorting Vice President. I have met Sue Simmons many times over the years, she is not only a great lady, she is a huge talent. She comes from the old school, where loyalty means everything, not like it is today where no one keeps their word anymore. She is someone you can trust in New York, she is a true New Yorker. I really find all of this disgusting. NBC and their parent company General Electric, makes so much money and they use every tax loophole to pay nothing. It is time these loopholes be closed once and for all. These corporations are ruining this country. On the other hand, Sue will go on to bigger and better things and it will be NBC's loss as the public learns they can not trust this network anymore. They are not about people, they are all about money. Sad, as it used to never be this way over at Rock Center.

James said…
I lived in NJ all of my life until about 3 years when I relocated to upstate New York. Leaving the tri-state area I lost something that I truly treasured....My nightly "visits" with Sue Simmons on the news. I ALWAYS enjoyed watching the news on NBC due primarily to Sue Simmons and Chuck Scarborough.
The news that NBC unceremoniously fired/released Sue from her anchor position after 32 years was absolutely mind-boggling to me. I cannot believe they made such a dumb decision. Sue has MANY loyal fans and I hope and pray that they/we don't take this sitting down. Regardless of the outcome, I am positive that Sue will be hired by another news entity. She is too good and too loved to be "put out to pasture by despots".
James Edstrom said…
I agree.... There is just no loyalty anymore in this business...

Jeanne said…
Sheba & Chuck??? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. What a pity, to let Sue go. Why her & not Chuck too? They are the same age. Well, I won't be watching NBC after June 20. I was born & raised in Manhattan. We NYer's are a different breed.
Also, stop with the Fword. Like no one has ever said or used it in this town??
James Edstrom said…
I agree. I used the video because it was a classic Sue, a real New Yorker...