The Us Weekly Magazine Cover

The cover story of the new issue of Us Weekly is all about how Bachelor Ben Flajnik was caught cheating! After listening to villain Courtney Robertson trash them on TV for two months while she clawed her way to Ben Flajnik’s heart, the girls were out for blood during the February 24th taping of the Women Tell All special (set to air on ABC March 5th). A set source tells Us that contestant Sa­mantha Levey called Rob­ertson an “absolute bitch,” and Jamie Otis wailed, “You did everything you could to make us hate you!” “All I can say is that I am incredibly sorry,” a teary-eyed Robertson, 28, told them. Us can now re­veal that Flajnik popped the question to the polar­izing Scottsdale, Arizona, native last November in Switzerland. But as quickly as the snowcapped mountains faded in the distance, so did Flajnik’s feelings for his betrothed. As Robertson’s abhorrent behavior unfolded on TV, “Ben began having issues with what he saw,” says an insider. Since re­turning home to San Francisco, the wealthy winemaker, 29, has been cheating on Robertson. During one weekend in mid-February, Flajnik was out with three different women, and two of them stayed over at his apartment on consecutive nights! Says a local source who sees Flajnik out and about, “He’s drinking and hitting on women, and pretty much acting like a single guy.” Read more and see the revealing photos in the new issue, on newsstands nationally this Friday.

Brad Goreski

Also included in the issue is an exclusive feature about the new biography of Bravo’s It’s a Brad Brad World star Brad Goreski and how he reveals painful bullying memories from his childhood, as well as a dangerous cocaine habit. Growing up as an overweight, flamboyant kid in Port Perry, Ontario, his over-the-top outfits and even his perceived orientation drew censure from his classmates. “I can’t remember a single day where someone didn’t imitate my voice in class. Or call me the f-word in the hallways.” Goreski experimented with booze, pot and Ecstasy in high school. But at 19, while studying musical theater at George Brown College in Toronto, he was offered his first line of cocaine. By age 23, he was exhausted and shockingly thin. “I wasn’t doing anything with my life except wasting it. I called my dad from a pay phone on a street corner in Toronto in the dead of winter. I was crying in heaving sobs, saying how I needed to get sober.”

Angelina Jolie With Brad Pitt

Another fun, revealing feature in the new Us exposes stars’ outrageous requests by printing a few celebrity riders word for word! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt request motorcycle, tattoo, and architectural magazines for flying, and Jolie demands her coffee be “extra-hot.” Robert DeNiro requires all flights to have fresh raspberries, blueberries, pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, and seedless organic raisins, plus Trident gum, chocolate organic milk, Corona…and more. Katy Perry has quite the peculiar requests. All of her drivers are instructed to not start any conversation, they must not open her car door, and they must not stare through the rearview mirror. In her dressing room, Ms. Perry demands everything from “quality honey” and dry-roasted edamame to Huggies baby wipes and orchids (but “absolutely no carnations”).


Cory Monteith


Monteith whisks Michele away for a sexy weekend

It’s for real! after months of down­playing rumors, Glee stars Cory Monteith, 29, and Lea Michele, 25, are finally going public with their relationship. “They’ve been hooking up for a while,” says an insider of the two (whose characters were about to get married when the February 21 episode ended). On February 25, the couple jetted off for a sightseeing weekend in his Vancouver hometown, where, says a source, “they stayed in a hotel, toured Grouse Mountain and went for sushi and sake.” Adds the first source, “It’s starting to seem a little more serious.” Indeed, Monteith and the actress — who split from her Broadway-actor beau Theo Stockman in September — already looked like a devoted duo during an intimate date at Il Covo in L.A. on Valentine’s Day. Snuggled together in a booth by the fireplace and sipping red wine, “both were beaming,” says a fellow diner. Adds another, “They shared spaghetti, and Cory was feeding her!”

Ashton Kutcher


So much for “just friends”! after Ashton Kutcher, 34, was spotted touring Italy with screenwriter Lorene Scafaria, 33, around Christmas, his rep insisted the two were platonic. But their PDA at pro­ducer Norman Lear’s X Prize charity event February 25 proved otherwise! “They were affectionate,” a party­goer tells Hot Stuff. “When they thought no one was watching, they held hands, and she rubbed his back and his neck.” The twosome have had practice keeping their romance quiet. A source says they secretly hooked up last summer — when he was still wed to Demi Moore, 49 (from whom he separated in November). No wonder, the source adds, that at the bash, “Lorene always kept an eye on Ashton.”

Kate Hudson


Awkward exes? Nah. When Kate Hudson, 32, arrived at Vanity Fair’s Oscar bash Febru­ary 26, former flame Owen Wilson, 43, was leaving. The two, who dated on and off from 2006 to 2008, hugged, says a partygoer. “She asked, ‘Are you well?’” says the source. “He said, ‘Great.’ Then they showed off shots of their kids on their phones!”

Toni Braxton


Consider her heart unbroken! Singer Toni Braxton and Eddie Murphy “are seeing each other and very into it,” a source tells Hot Stuff, adding that the romance started up four months ago. The actor, 50 — who has eight kids from past relationships — even cheered on the mother of two, 44 (who’s been separated from singer Keri Lewis since 2009), back­stage at her February 19 L.A. concert. While Braxton’s rep insists “Toni and Eddie are just friends,” the insider says, “Their kids have met and everything!”