The cover story of the new issue of Us Weekly is all about a humiliated Kim Kardashian’s divorce hell and how she is continually held back as she tries to move on.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s di­vorce from Kris Humphries has so far taken more than twice as long as their 72‑day marriage — all part of the New Jersey Nets player’s game plan to break the prenup and make Kim pay dearly, say sources. Yet no matter what he throws at her, Kim, 31, has remained silent. As she tells Us, “Out of respect for everyone involved, I’d rather not talk about it any­more. I’m so ready, emo­tionally, for this chapter to be over. I want to leave it in my past so I can start fresh.” But the damage has already been done. Bash­ing their wedding debacle has become sport for Kim’s Hollywood peers, like Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and The Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence. And Kim’s friends blame Humphries for keeping the divorce — and his name — in the news. Says one pal, “He’s doing this to humili­ate her, plain and simple. Kris wants to hurt her.”

The exes are no longer even on speaking terms, but that doesn’t stop Humphries from making sure Kim hears him. His routine: making increasingly bi­zarre legal demands that threaten to expose the Kar­dashian family, like report­edly requesting in Febru­ary that divorce hearings be televised. A Humphries source told Us at the time, “Kris and his lawyers are not opposed to having the divorce proceedings tele­vised. They have nothing to hide.”

“In my opinion, it’s a shakedown — like, Let me see what other coins I can shake out of her Louis Vuitton purse,” says Fox legal analyst Kimberly Guilfoyle. How about $7 million worth? A close source says Humphries floated that figure as a payoff to make him go away. His legal team, however, in­sists Humphries was of­fered that amount by Kim’s camp. Nonsense, says the Kardashian source. “Seven million? How about zero?”

Katy Perry

Also in this issue is a feature on Katy Perry’s rebound romance with a hot French model. It wasn’t just Perry’s electric-blue hair drawing stares. Traveling first-class from London to Paris on the Eurostar high-speed train March 19, the pop star cozied up to a dash­ing companion, French model Baptiste Giabiconi, 22. “They were chatting away,” an onlooker says of the pair, who shared magazines and sipped mineral water with a group of pals. “They looked very relaxed and happy.” That’s exactly the image she wants to project to her ex Russell Brand. Three months after the actor, 36, blindsided her with a divorce filing, sources say the singer, 27, is stepping out with Giabiconi partly in an effort to make Brand jealous. So when designer Karl Lagerfeld introduced her to the 6-foot-2 Giabiconi during Paris Fashion Week, Perry pounced. “She’s hot,” he said in a 2011 interview. “If I could make her di­vorce her husband, I’d marry her.”


Michelle Williams


Williams and Segel try a long-distance romance

No more blue valentines for Michelle Williams! The demure three-time Oscar nominee has fallen for longtime pal Jason Segel. “They are smitten and very serious,” a source tells Hot Stuff of Segel, 32, and Williams, 31. (The actress split from Heath Ledger five months before his death in 2008.) The pair have known each other for years through Williams’ BFF, Segel’s Freaks & Geeks costar Busy Philipps, but their relation­ship only recently turned romantic. They dined à deux at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont February 27, then shared supper at West Hollywood’s Comme Ça March 16. After a stop at Frankie’s Spuntino in Brooklyn March 24, “he put his arm around her and made her laugh as they walked,” says a witness. Segel also has bonded with her daughter, Matilda, 6. On March 25, he and Williams took her for a ride on her scooter. Though they live on different coasts, the Brooklyn-based actress and the L.A. denizen are “trying to make it work. She hasn’t been this happy in a long time.”

Bradley Cooper


Bradley Cooper is single again. An insider tells Hot Stuff the actor, 37, and his Words costar Zoë Saldana recently ended their three-month romance. “They’re definitely no longer together,” says the source of the pair, who were first spotted kissing at a New Year’s Eve bash. Though the actress, 33, was seen hang­ing with Cooper’s mom, Gloria, in February, friends say she isn’t too crushed about the split. “She and Bradley weren’t superseri­ous at all,” says a pal.

Britney Spears


Don’t call us . . . we’ll call you! The X Factor creator Simon Cowell, 52, has seri­ous reservations about placing Britney Spears, 30, at the judges’ table — despite her keen interest. “He’s worried she won’t be able to deliver good advice,” says an insider of the oft-troubled, soft-spoken pop star. “And he’s afraid contestants won’t take her seriously.” Although Cowell told Us he was “flattered” by Spears’ desire to join the talent show, it isn’t likely to lead to an offer. Says the source, “He’ll probably go more in the direction of Mariah Carey or Janet Jackson.”

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