Sunset At Top Of The Bay

We are getting ready to head out to Dune Point Fire Island next month, for a well needed vacation. Everyone that reads Times Square Gossip, knows how much we love our Dune Point and the people of Cherry Grove. We hope to see you there this season, and as always Times Square Gossip readers get a 10% discount at Dune Point on all rooms. Just type in the word 'GOSSIP' at checkout and the savings are yours.

After hearing rave reviews from so many people on Celebrity Chef Steven Daniello and his coming summer season at Top Of The Bay restaurant, we decided to do a little research on the history of Top Of The Bay, and we found it quite interesting. Anyone that is staying or visiting Cherry Grove this season, must stop by to enjoy the food, the drinks and the wonderful view of The Great South Bay.

History Of Top Of The Bay Bistro

Top Of The Bay Bistro has been a destination for over 40 years. Located at 1 Dock Walk in Cherry Grove, Fire Island New York it is one of the first structures you will see as you arrive on the pier and step off the ferry.

Overlooking the Great South Bay the structure began as a ground level series of local shops and a United States Post office. In 1973 the second floor was erected and this unique upscale casual island gem became a piano bar owned and operated by Frank Bradley and Danny Campbell. At that time it was named the Island Queen and its architecture structure resembled an old time ornate Mississippi Show boat.

As years went on, the Island Queen was famous for its Broadway, film, and musical celebrity appearances. It was a gay haven for all to celebrate and perform as the sun set faded below the bay. As the sun would set nightly the talented Frankie Piano, staff, cast of celebrities, vacationers, and homeowners would sing along to famous show tunes as night fell on this magical paradise.

After many years of making history and success on Fire Island, The Island Queen was sold to Amelia Migliacciao and renamed Top of the Bay. In the early 80’s a small kitchen with a dumbwaiter was added in the basement to serve food and Top of the Bay was born.

The menu prepared by Amelia had many seafood specialties, and homemade Italian favorites. Standing room only as the only restaurant other than the Monster owned by Joe Scialo were full to capacity every night of the week.

As years moved on and the 1990’s approached Amelia had taken on several partners and eventually sold the Top Of The Bay. It eventually closed in the late 1990’s early 2000 and sat vacant for several years.

Top Of The Bay Bistro was reborn when it was purchased and newly renovated by Ron King in mid 2007. A native of Long Island and a self made real estate developer Ron King has restored the structure and restaurants class, charm and a touch of the old history has been preserved. Now in its fifth successful season Top Of The Bay Bistro has been called the place to be! As Executive Chef Stephen Daniello and his staff prepares a Cajun French menu with a New American, and Italian Flare, along with local seafood Caribbean style specialties. This Island gem has been restored to perfection. Ron King (Owner) and Roque Loret de Mola( Restaurant Manager), along with Chef Stephen Daniello make sure that all details are covered to perfection, from your greeting at the door, to the ambiance’, music, fresh flowers, and entertaining staff that awaits to serve you Chef Stephens creations overlooking the Great South Bay.

Top Of The Bay Bistro offers Sunday Brunch, Dinner 6 nights a week and private parties. Reservations are recommended and they are closed Tuesdays. Top Of The Bay will open for special events or parties on Tuesday if requested. You can follow Top Of The Bay Bistro as a member on Facebook or on their website for summer events and reservations. You can also call for reservations at (631) 597.6028.

Follow Top Of The Bay's celebrity list, Fire Island special guests and hosts each season. Wednesday is 2 pound Lobster night, Monday is Frankie Cocktail behind the bar. Charity Charles as Charity and Charles, along with many more names and performances to be announced this season. Stay tuned for newly added talent and our weekly entertainment schedule.

About Celebrity Executive Chef Stephen G. Daniello C.W.C.

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in 1987 Chef Stephens career began as a Sous Chef for World Cruise Lines In Manhattan NY.

Chef Stephen has been cooking for 35 years and has trained under Culinary Olympic Gold Medalists, Classical European Chefs and Instructors from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York and Walt Disney World at the Buena Vista Palace in Orlando Florida.

During his time with World Yacht Chef Stephen was on board for Billy Joel and Christie Brinkleys wedding, Whitney Houstons/Arista Records Birthday Party, Bon Jovi’s Birthday , Marvin Hamlisch’s wedding, as well as private events aboard Malcolm Forbes Yacht the Highlander and prepared lavish dishes for Malcolm and his good friend Elizabeth Taylor.

After many years as an apprentice and traveling through the United States, France and Mexico Chef Stephen returned to New York and New Jersey to consult for various restaurants and restaurant grand openings such as Session 73 Tapas and Jazz in NY and the Historic Public House in Chester NJ.

The Celebrity Chef title was added to Stephens resume during a culinary music project with Felipe Rose the original Native American Indian of the Village People, and Gloria Gaynor, while working at the Empress Hotel in Asbury Park for Shep Pettibone co-writer of Vogue with Madonna.

In May of 2010 Chef Stephen returned to Cherry Grove, Fire Island NY and applied his culinary expertise to the islands much needed failing culinary reviews.

After recreating the seafood menu at Jumping Jacks Seafood Shack formerly Rachel’s and now The Sand Castle on the beach, Chef Stephen recaptured the audience with traditional seafood shack favorites such as their famous Lobster Roll, fresh fried clams/oysters, and homemade crab cakes.

On August 13, 2010 Chef Stephen was offered the Executive Chef position at the famous Top Of The Bay Bistro by owner Ron King. Now in his third season at Top Of The Bay, Cherry Grove Fire Island History is being made during the 2012 summer season as Chef Stephen and Ron King revive the celebrity sunset sing along and the Cajun American menu with a French, Italian, Caribbean fusion.

Photo By: Petra Brehl/Dune Point Fire Island