Albert Nobbs star and Oscar-nominated actress Glenn Close, who earlier this month was recognized as Best Actress in AARP The Magazine’s Movies for Grownups Awards, speaks candidly about the role to

Glenn Close

On her character Albert:

"She's a very unusual character. She's not what she seems.”

On Albert Nobbs:

“Albert Nobbs talks about isolation and survival, and the types of connections that people need in order to lead a fulfilling life. It's an unexpected way to tell what I think is a very deeply human story.”

Co-star Janet McTeer on Close in Albert Nobbs:

“Glenn spent 15 years trying to bring Albert Nobbs to the screen. The magic of her performance, comes in how she places us on both sides of Albert's curtain of secrecy. We witness Albert's assured impersonation of a painfully reserved little man — and also her perpetual fear of discovery."

Photo BY: RD/Leon/Retna