Super Bowl XLVI is fast approaching, and all that comes with it -- the Madonna halftime performance, the bank-breaking commercials, the thousands of gatherings across the country, and, oh yeah, the Giants-Patriots game -- will be soaked in by millions of viewers across the globe. Before the Super Bowl festivities begin on Sunday, 10 musical artists weighed in on everything happening on Sunday, from their favorite Madonna songs to the team they expect to emerge victorious when the dust settles.

The following is an excerpt of what some of the artists had to say to Billboard.


"My favorite is being there at the Super Bowl and being able to say I was there. Nothing more, nothing less. It's the greatest event and I can say, "I was at the Super Bowl." And I can share being there with my family and friends. The first Super Bowl I went to was when the Saints won [in 2010]. To see the city I came from win and to see my mom excited -- it was great."


"I think the Patriots are an amazing team and Tom Brady is an absolutely incredible quarterback. The things that's been interesting about the Giants' season into the playoffs is that they started off okay, then they had a little bit of a struggle, but then they really started to pick their game up in the last four games and have been playing like a team that wants to win the Super Bowl. My opinion is that it'll be an incredible game -- back and forth, lots of points scored, because both quarterbacks are really talented and know how to run their offense. My prediction is the Giants walk away with the title once again."


"The Giants have upset [the Patriots] before -- I don't think they're gonna do it this time. Tom Brady's a monster. I think he's the best quarterback in the league. But Eli has helped the Giants stay very steady throughout the last few years -- they're very much one of the most steady teams, and nobody kind of expected him to be that good too, so I think it's great."


"I'm probably going to find Boston sports pub [in Los Angeles]. There's this place in Santa Monica that I want to check out, and it's owned by people from Massachusetts, so I'm going to hopefully go there and be a very stereotypical New England fan. I grew up in Foxboro, so the Patriots stadium was literally my backyard growing up."

"Of course I'm predicting a win for my Pats. And I don't necessarily believe in betting or things like that, but if I was gonna put my money somewhere it'd definitely be on the Pats. I just feel we have more heart than anybody. I will argue any sports team from Massachusetts, any sports team from New England, I just feel like we win by default, because we have heart."

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