Newt Gingrich Preaches the values of marriage between
a man and a woman and has three wives and mistresses.


Newt Gingrich With Third Wife Calista

Newt Gingrich has now crossed the line and must be stopped. I used to like this guy. I've met him many times over the years, had beers with him in Langans Restaurant, across the street from Fox News and he seemed very intelligent. He has just shown that he is not as smart as he makes out to be, by showing his anti-gay views.

Family Leader's controversial "Marriage Vow" pledge, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich signed another anti-gay marriage pledge, this time from the National Organization for Marriage.

Signing the pledge means Gingrich has committed to backing a U.S. constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage and defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court. If elected president, Gingrich must also appoint judges and a U.S. attorney general who "will respect the original meaning" of the U.S. Constitution's definition of marriage as between a man and a woman, according to NOM's website.

NOM's pledge has now been signed by every major Republican presidential candidate but Ron Paul. Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum signed the pledge back in August.


Having voted for Barack Obama on the last election, even know I have been a Republican all my life, This election I was looking for someone smarter. Maybe not someone smarter, but someone with balls to get this country back on track. Someone with balls to tell the do-nothing Congress to F-Off and not be scared of a good fight to get things done. Gingrich looked strong in this department. But to sign this anti gay promise and if elected he promises he will propose a anti gay amendment on marriage, it is now clear he needs to be stopped right now.

Newt Gingrich does indeed seem to be a marriage expert. After looking at his record, I can see how much he loves marriage. He has done it three times!

Can you believe this hypocrite. Preaches the values of marriage between a man and a woman and has three wives, mistresses, charge accounts at high end stores for these mistresses and then walks around with a holier than tho attitude that marriage is only for him. The balls.

To deny equal rights to everyone in America is a disgrace and this man must never get to the White House and he won't now. Just watching the debate the other night clearly showed that he used his influence to get deals for his high paying clients in Washington. He may not have been a registered lobbyist, but he sure did everything a lobbyist would. And he made tons of money peddling his Washington connections. This has been proven.

Even Newt Gingrich's gay sister Candace Gingrich has vowed not to vote for her own brother. Shes swinging her vote to Barack Obama.

The only other intelligent candidate the Republicans have is Ron Paul. Ron Paul makes alot of sense, he really does. But I do not think he can get the nomination and if he did, I do not think he could beat Barack Obama. If you listen to Ron Paul, his ideas are simple and logical. As much as I think Barack Obama has been blocked by the Republicans at every corner, I also think Barack Obama is showing no balls. I would have played hardball right from the start with this Republican controlled Congress. If they block anything that is good for the country, I would block anything that is good for their Congressional district, and I would tell the people of his district why.

Ron Paul is the only choice left for the Republicans. Ron Paul is the only honest candidate they have left. To hear that Newt Gingrich preaches values in marriage, then has mistresses and three wives and disgusting. It really is.

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