Rick's Cabaret New York Mets Fan

Ricks Cabaret New York is the well known gentlemen's club of choice for pro athletes and their fans. We spoke with some of the sexy showgirls--who know their baseball--and asked them about former NY Mets shortstop Jose Reyes joining the Miami Marlins.

They were united in wishing him well, and thinking that the Mets will sorely miss him in their lineup.

"He's an ex-Met," sobbed Rick's Cabaret New York Girl Gianna. "I can't believe I'm saying that, but he's gone. I'm crushed."

"We all love Jose. He is the best. He is so much fun to watch," gushed Rick's Cabaret Girl Alison. "All the girls here at Rick's wish him well."

"I think the Mets made a big mistake," sighed Rick's Cabaret Girl Alexandra. "Jose was the most exciting thing about the team. I'm afraid the Mets are going to be very sorry."

Rick's Cabaret Girl Tina commented, "He will do great as a Marlin. It will be good for him. He got 106 million dollars to go to Miami. I would go for half of that!"

Rick's Cabaret Girl Ashley predicts big things for the Marlins and their new shortstop. "They are going in the right direction, unlike the Mets. I will always be a Jose Reyes fan. I'm going out to get a Marlins jersey right now," she cooed.

I'm still a Mets fan," explained Rick's Cabaret Girl Monica. "When the players visit the club next season and the team is not doing well, I will do my best to cheer them up. Taking my clothes off should help. Maybe that will help ease the pain of losing their All-Star shortstop."