The King of Queens

In just a few days of voting, nearly 5,000 Facebook fans of “The King of Queens” selected their top 10 favorite episodes, directly choosing which episodes will air in the launch marathon this Sunday on TV Land.

Tune in to watch Doug Heffernan (Kevin James), his wife Carrie (Leah Remini) and his father-in-law Arthur (Jerry Stiller) rule Queens in this hilarious five hour marathon!

The top 10 episodes as decided by the Facebook fans are:

1. “Pole Lox”

Doug shows Carrie how to "be one with the pole."

2. “Strike Out”

The guys discover a new way to cure out-of-work boredom.

3. “Assaulted Nuts”

Carrie helps Doug through a very difficult and painful procedure.

4. “Awful Bigamy”

Doug shows off his "upstairs wife" and his "down stairs wife" to the guys.

5. “Cologne Ranger”

Doug discovers that Carrie knows his little cologne secret.

6. “Queasy Rider”

Doug attempts to break the news to Carrie about a new purchase. Unfortunately Arthur does before he can.

7. “Flash Photography”

Doug tells Deacon about a practical joke he did at a wedding that has gone awry.

8. “Knee Jerk”

Doug's excitement at the top of the stairs for his fresh grilled cheese is short-lived.

9. “Shear Torture”

Doug's haircuts are ruined now that Carrie has found out about Doug's "Sexy Stylist."

10. “Lush Life”

Doug cheats on his diet before a "prowler" enters the kitchen.

Photo Courtesy Of: Tv Land