Dr. Andrew Ordon With Dr. Jim Sears, Bret Michaels, Jillian Michaels, Dr. Lisa Masterson And Dr. Travis Stork

Nick Jonas, Mary Tyler Moore and Halle Berry. Awareness about type 1 diabetes has been increased by a number of famous celebrities with the disease, but no one’s diabetes-related health issues have been as high profile as those of Bret Michaels. On Monday, November 7 (check your local listings for airtimes), in honor of American Diabetes Month, the hosts of the Emmy Award-winning talk show THE DOCTORS have a candid chat with the lead singer of Poison about taking control of his type 1 diabetes, especially on the road. Find out:

How Bret leads young diabetics by example: “I try to control the disease as much as I can, instead of the disease controlling me.”

How Bret has balanced the rocker lifestyle and crazy on-the-road schedules with diabetic management for almost four decades.

What kept Bret’s spirits high after landing in the hospital for both an emergency appendectomy and subarachnoid brain hemorrhage.

Learn about a new rocker-chic “diabetic lifestyle kit” to hold all your diabetic supplies designed by the front man, himself.

Also, as you know, the rich and famous have easy access to beauty and health trends that can make them look amazing (stylists, make-up artists and photo touch-ups always help too!). Don’t miss THE DOCTORS, as they examine the latest trends hitting the headlines and “prescribes” what actually works.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s hot or not in celebrity health trends, according to THE DOCTORS.

Mick Jagger reportedly keeps his swagger with “caviar facials” – HOT
Caviar is loaded with Omegas, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It’s great for your skin and for removing wrinkles and is a nutritious food.

Simon Cowell goes to great “pains” to stay healthy, getting a weekly dose of vitamins via an IV – NOT

It is always best to get your nutrients from food, instead of vitamins or an intravenous shot. Getting vitamins via an IV can increase risk of infection, and can be become a costly (money and time) process.

Holly Madison insured her breasts for $1 million; Gene Simmons insured his tongue for $1 million; Jennifer Lopez insured her behind for $300 million; and Mariah Carey insured her legs for $1 billion. Covering your celebrity “assets.” – YOU DECIDE

Plus, tune in to see health questions from your favorite celebs, including Glee’s Dot Marie Jones and musician Stevie Nicks! And, be red-carpet ready every day with three simple hair tips from Kim Vo, celeb hairstylist to Britney Spears, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.