Jason Grant With Partner Roger Webster

Roger Webster And Sharon Bush

Roger Webster With R Couri Hay

Roger Webster With Sydney Masters

Ann Rapp With Roger Webster

All of us here at Times Square Gossip are very sad at the passing of Roger Webster. He was a one of a kind gentleman, always had a smile for everyone and always treated everyone with respect. That is very hard to find in this business.

I last saw Roger in the Hampton's a few weeks ago. It was at a beautiful beach club and he was all smiles when I arrived, but I could see the pain on his face. I gave him a big kiss and hug hello. Roger told me to go into the event and find his partner Jason Grant, and he would help me get the shots I needed for the story. I knew there was something wrong and I asked Jason, and he said Roger just did not feel well that night. I kinda read between the lines, but did not want to push the issue.

When you arrived at a Roger Webster and Jason Grant event, you felt loved. You were always greeted with smiles and they were always ready to help you get the shots you needed. This is so so rare in the entertainment business these days, but when you were going to cover a event for them, you really looked forward to it. You just knew you were going to be treated so well and treated with class. Roger was from the old time school where class meant something and treating people good was more important than anything else. So many people are devastated today, New York City has lost a good friend. Roger Webster made New York City shine and as I looked into the Fire Island sky last night, I cried, but I could see his star in heaven. Rest In Peace Roger Webster, knowing the love that you gave, everyone will remember!

Photos By: Ann Watt


Anonymous said…
Very lovely James...Roger was a truly special man and we are blessed have had him in our lives. Thank you for posting this..Sydney Masers