John Travolta

BOBBY & JOHNNY -- Robert DeNiro and John Travolta will begin filming the movie Killing Season on January 16; the action movie thriller is set in the Appalachian Mountains and concerns a military veteran (DeNiro) who has retreated to a remote cabin in the woods. When a visitor, a European-tourist (Travolta) , appears on the scene, the two men strike up an unlikely friendship. But in fact the visitor is a former Serbian soldier bent on revenge. What follows is a tense, action packed battle across some of America's most forbidding landscape that proves the old adage: the purest form of war is one-on-one. Said an exec from Nu Image/Millennium Films who will release the film:”I've loved the project from the moment I read it. Evan Daugherty's remarkable script is thrilling, imaginative, unexpected and dominated by two extraordinary characters on a collision course.” There are those who say DeNiro's been coasting for quite some time with projects like the Fockers seemingly bringing the actor's quality level down. Me … I think this above projects sounds some akin to a film he did in 1998 called Ronin, which was sensational; and, his forthcoming movie Killer Elite, with Clive Owen and Jason Statham looking particularly good as well. DeNiro's a great actor … no question. When you start a movie, hopefully you go into it for all the right reasons; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In DeNiro's case, I'd cut him some slack. He does deserve it.


Duran Duran

LEMBO MATTERS --- When we were re-flexing with Duran Duran last week at Madison Square Garden, we met promo-executive Jerry Lembo; who has worked for Columbia Records and Chrysalis Records back in the day and somehow our conversation turned to Studio 54; turns out Lembo was hired on-the-spot by 54-producer Billy Smith-Amato to MC their regular weekend shows. Says Lembo, “Turns out they didn't have an MC and Billy really didn't know what a MC did. MC's not only intro'd the act, but gave a little verbal prep on who they were and what they were there for.” Lembo is a canny promo-exec on the scene and his eyes-and-ears have served him well. If I had a record out, there's no way I'd want anyone else working it. He's a dedicated tactician and knowledge fellow. btw: he didn't get invited to Sirius/XM's Studio 54 bash either ... turns out, it was better NOT to have been invited; that was the more exclusive list! Also, MSG looked great, with a reported $850 million investment; it now resembles more than anything else, a glitzy- hotel in Vegas. Gone for the most part, are the tacky food stations and t-shirt vendors seemingly every ten-feet … and, in their place, a newer and sleeker version. I didn't see everything, but was mightily impressed.



ADELE ADELE --- This week, Adele tallies a lucky 13th week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with her second album 21, marking one of the five-longest commands by a woman in the chart’s 55-year history. On Adult Contemporary, the set’s “Rolling In The Deep” logs a 19th week on top to become one of just 10 songs to lead the list for that many frames. She's the music story of the year for sure; a very dedicated and honest project from start to finish; she's the real deal. She is exactly what the music business has always been about; forget these awful talent shows, sampling, rap and border-line criminal behavior … she's a real prize. Watch her clean up at next year’s Grammy's and the American Music Awards later this month. She's nothing but terrific!


Hillary Swank

SWANK-ED --- Actress Hillary Swank has sacked her manager of 8 years (Jason Weinberg) due to the terrible PR-fallout from her appearance at the birthday of Chechnya's tyrannical president Ramzan Kadyroy. Said an insider, “There's a world of shit going down at CAA” … which is still attached as her agent. In fact, her romantic partner of five years, agent John Campisi (who works at CAA), is still involved with her as well. It sure seems that a lot of people exercised terrible judgment, first and foremost among them Swank herself. One look on the Internet, shows that Swank herself is being held accountable; say what you will, but, the buck has just got to stop with the actress herself. Things happen for sure, but this was a mis-judgement of the highest order. One look at several sites on the Internet, shows you the actress does have her detractors; blaming her judgment on everything from dumping ex-husband Chad Lowe, to her current partner Campisi. Whatever happens; you can believe it will be brought up again and again … and, again. These days with everyone promoting everything; from Coke on American Idol to Nissan cars on Fringe ... you got to be cautious. In these edgy times ... everyone wants money, but you've still got to be careful.


Adam Sandler

MICKY & ADAM --- Look for Micky Dolenz at this weekend's L.A. premiere of the new Adam Sandler opus Jack And Jill; in Westwood. This yarn spins the tale of identical twins Jack and Jill; both essayed by Sandler. While this appears to be more of the madcap-Sandler than the one is his Spanglish (still one of my favorites); the cast is rather inspired, with Katie Holmes, Al Pacino, Tim Meadows, Dana Carvey, and even, Regis Philbin in the movie. We'll have a full report back here next Monday.

Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna


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