Glee actress and author Jane Lynch chats with AARP the Magazine about her new life and new memoir Happy Accidents.

Jane Lynch

On her revelations in the memoir Happy Accidents

“When I was getting to know my wife, Lara, we’d take walks in Runyon Canyon and I’d tell her how id used to go out of my way to feel alienated and avoid people. The woman Lara knows today is nothing like that – I’m now so open to connection and intimacy I surprise myself – so she said ‘Why don’t we write these [stories] down?”

On how Happy Accidents will help us understand Sue Sylvester better

“That dark side made me quite the diva – not just intolerant but intolerable. Like Sue, I wanted nothing more than to belong to a group, yet I couldn’t help pushing people away.”

On her dream role

“To be in a Woody Allen movie… that’s all about me! It would have to be shot someplace cool, with really good coffee – my life revolves around the stuff.”

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