Regis Philbin

REEGE FOREVER --- Yesterday's on Live With Regis and Kelly, Regis, during his patented host chat segment went into the story of his previous night imbroglio with Larry David at the premiere of the new season of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. Regis had lobbied rather vigorously to be part of this season as all the shows are set in New York. The ultimate moment came when Regis found David in the lobby of his NY-apartment building and David acted as if he did not know Philbin nor recognize him; which, of course, sent the host into a tizzy. This was all so typical-Regis; so successfully bringing you, the viewer, into his tangled life. Be it a traffic altercation with his wife Joy or a very, very private dinner with David Letterman and Don Rickles … no one does it better than Regis. At one point he held up a photo from the night before of David, wife-Joy and himself. And, damn if there wasn't a face in the background …. none other than our colleague Roger Friedman … who Regis gave a nice shout out to. That's how he is: a real guy … and, we're going to miss him. He's funny as hell when he wants to be, but he never forgets to take care of the facts. He's a pro … and, we don't have many left. He'll be 80 in a month and all-this talk of moving on has me sad. There have been numerous back-room stories of how ABC wanted to cut his salary and that since he made the announcement, there really haven't been all that many interesting offers for him. I know times are tough in TV-land … especially for someone whose been on the airwaves for 50 years, but yesterday was classic Reege … the best! My favorite Regis-moment was a story years ago when he was in L. A. All talk-show hosts back then were somewhat in fear, yet had tremendous respect for the great-one … yes, Johnny Carson. If you wanted to be a success in this business … let alone be in the business, Johnny was The Guy. Regis had received a coveted invitation to dinner with Carson in Malibu. So, excited was Philbin, he got lost on the way there! Amazing! From Joey Bishop to his multi-success with the show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Regis is an institution. It'll be very, very difficult, if not near impossible, to replace him on the daily talk show. I mean, off hand, who else has his sense and respect for show business history. There's really no one else. He'll be back hotter than ever … that, I am sure of!


Noah Wyle

FALLING SKIES -- I started seeing the commercials for Noah Wyle's new sci-fi series Falling Skies about a month ago (exec. Produced by Steven Spielberg) and they didn't look bad at all. I watched the premiere three weeks and found it interesting, but a tad on the slow side. One interesting point I liked right from the get-go was the fact that the televised story began after the so-called alien invasion and essentially with what the resistance was doing and going to do. Clearly, the tale would-be told in a flashback fashion, which, though not a totally new technique, played out really great. It took me more than a moment to truly believe Wyle as an action hero, but he's really rather terrific and believable. After 15 (!!!) years on ER as the empathetic doctor John Carter … you have to take a moment or two with this new character revelation … and, he pulls it off. I actually liked the two TV-movies he did as The Librarian! Episodes two and three were even better and has now developed into quite a show. In fact, the cable net has just re-newed in for a second series. The premium drew 8 million viewers, which made it cable's top series launch this year. It is averaging 6.4 million total viewers and is attracting quite an audience overseas. Kudos also to actors Will Patton, Colin Cunningham, and Moon Bloodgood. If you haven't give it a chance … go ahead!


Rupert Murdoch

BARON MURDOCH --- Now, I've never been a fan of media-baron Rupert Murdoch (and, I really don't know why … he just frightens me!); but, you've certainly got to be respectful of what's he's created media-wise: from Fox Network to the New York Post and beyond. So, when this week's revelations came to light of the Brit-paper News Of The World … and, he immediately ceased publication of that paper … you had to take pause. That's a pretty ballsy-move … even for Rupe. The temperature of the media-folk so far, seem to be that he made the huge decision to protect and even bigger one coming up; his possible acquisition of the U.K.-satellite company BSkyB network. Now, today, comes word that the British government, who has become actively involved in the ongoing investigation, has formally pushed back its review of the deals while it sorts through the situation. Prime Minister David Cameron has abandoned his view that the two developments are unrelated. The government's Department for Culture, Media and Sport said that the review now "will take some time" as it considers whether the Murdoch's decision to close News Of The World "has any impact on the question of media plurality." Adding, "The Secretary of State has always been clear that he will take as long as is needed to make a decision." In response, News Corp said that "our priority is to continue to cooperate with the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport and the existing regulatory process." An investigation was always going to take place; how it all rolls out remains to be seen. This isn't the end for Murdoch … though many would love to see just that happen. Stay tuned … this story is far from over.


Alice Cooper

GO GO KYOJI --- He has a resume that many musicians would sell their souls for. He has over 30 albums to his name, produced by luminaries such as Bob Ezrin (Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Kiss, Pink Floyd). With his bands Bow Wow Wow and Vow Wow, he has appeared at the prestigious Reading and Montreux festivals and headlined Tokyo's famed Budokan. His name is Kyoji Yamamoto, and he is quite possibly the finest guitar player you have never heard of. Until now. Bruce Pegg and his City Boy Records has just announced 'Voyager on Broadway,' the Japanese guitar god’s first appearance in the U.S. since 1978 and his first ever solo appearance in North America; on Saturday, September 24. Join Kyoji in Manhattan for 2 shows as he performs his trademark blistering, soulful guitar work that has drawn praise from such industry greats as Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Ron “Bumblefoot: That (Guns 'n' Roses) and John Wetton (Asia, King Crimson, Uriah Heep) John Wetton. Voyager is the musician's first record via City Boy Records. Appearing with Kyoji will be Karl Wilcox, drummer for legendary British metal band Diamond Head, fresh from appearances with Metallica and Megadeth at the Big 4 shows in Europe, the Heavy TO and MTL festivals in Canada and Diamond Head's own headlining U.S. summer tour. The shows will be at The Klub 45 Room at 121 West 45th Street. We love the CD the track “The Story of a Little White Whale.” Brilliant for sure .. can't wait for the show.

Photos By: RD/Kabik/Dziekan/Orchon/Retna