AARP The Magazine scored an interview with President Barack Obama for the July/August issue, available now.

In-book, the commander-in-chief opens up about a personal milestone, his 50th birthday plans and wishes. Also in the interview, Obama discusses his stress relievers, money matters, Medicare, and more.

Barack Obama

On the best and worst things about turning 50 on August 4:

“The worst thing is, I don’t feel I’m as fast as I used to be. And I heal up slower on the basketball court. The wonderful thing is, I’ve been able to maintain my health pretty well. Also, I’m old enough where hopefully I’ve made enough mistakes I’m not going to repeat. And I’m still young enough that I can appreciate that wisdom.”

On why it will be tough to top his last birthday:

“Last year, on my 49th, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and all these other All-Star players came and played a pickup game with a bunch of my friends and me. Had a wonderful time. It'll be hard to top that. But I suspect the girls may have something planned.”

On his 50th birthday wish:

“A much lower unemployment rate. And lower gas prices. Those would be perfect gifts for my birthday.”

On his stress relievers:

“Exercise is important. But the most important thing is spending time with family. And when I think about those people who continue to thrive into their 70s and their 80s, usually what distinguishes them is that they exercise and have good habits. They laugh a lot and keep their sense of humor. They’re involved with their family. And they’re connected to work or causes that they care about.”

On his love of music:

“I am a big music listener, and I can tell you that my iPod is well stocked.”

On the criticisms that "greedy geezers" care only about their entitlements:

“Seniors have paid into Social Security. They’ve paid into Medicare over a lifetime of hard work. And the notion that somehow they are asking for something that they don’t deserve makes no sense to me.”

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