Story By: Edward Callaghan


Once upon a time we all knew her as the Material Girl, but now, the world over knows her as Madonna, a one-woman juggernaut. Before there was Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera or Britney, there was Madonna. She's been a pop sensation, actress, writer, activist, mother, and director. She's been everything. It's a Madonna world, and we're all living in it - especially if you are lucky enough to be her neighbor in Bridgehampton. Now, she will be immortalized forever with her very own comic book !

Female Force: Madonna , a one-shot issue from Bluewater Productions Inc. will soon be sold in comic book shops, bookstores and online. It's the latest in a line of titles from the Vancouver, Wash.-based publisher, with previous subjects in the Female Force family of titles focusing on Hillary Rodham Clinton, Michelle Obama, Barbara Walters, Rosie O’Donnell, Sarah Palin and Margaret Thatcher among others.


Tony Bennett

Speaking of Madonna, her attorney music industry powerhouse, Allan Grubman whose client roster includes such pop stars as Ricky Martin, Elton John, Shania Twain and Jennifer Lopez celebrated his birthday at his Hamptons estate this weekend. He and his wife Deborah Grubman along with friends Martha Stewart, Candice Bergen, Bob Balaban and Margo & Jimmy Nederlander were entertained not by pop stars but crooner Tony Bennett, Allen’s favorite singer. With 35 lawyers working for him, his New York City practice has expanded into other kinds of talent, taking on Martha Stewart and fashionistas like Tommy Hilfiger and Vera Wang.


Michael Kors

Pride Week may have officially ended this past weekend, but the passing of the Same-Sex Marriage Law on Friday night means that Pride Week is Celebration will continue especially with the multi million dollar wedding industry in New York.

In celebration, a slew of West Village stores have covered their storefronts in rainbow flags, but a few have gone further, theming their whole windows around the gay marriage struggle. Hamptonite and mega designer Michael Kors has filled his Bleecker Street store windows with the best celebration of the issue.

In partnership with the Human Rights Campaign, his display wizards have filled the windows with very elegant wedding cakes. Only these classy cakes are topped with either a pair of brides or a pair of grooms. Michael whose business has grown enormously in the last few years is looking to expand and word is Tommy Hilfiger another old pal form the Hamptons may be there with a big check.


Jamie Foxx

Sorry, if anyone was disappointed about no-show Jamie Foxx at last weekend’s

Reginald F. Lewis Foundation luncheon. Folks who did attend are reportedly feeling dissed by the Oscar winner. But those same folks are still talking up his new project. He’ll co-star with Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarrantino's next picture, "Django Unchained," the story of a freed slave in the old west,


Christian Scheider And Brenda Siemer Scheider

Just the other evening, I caught a new episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent: The Last Street in Manhattan and to my utter amazement there was the late Roy Scheider in a cameo appearance. My friend Roy passed away three years ago in Little Rock, Arkansas where he was successfully undergoing treatment for a rare form of cancer. But it wasn’t the cancer that took his life but an infection picked up in the hospital.

In any event, I learned that his appearance was archival footage used to provide a back-story. The wonders of film & TV – Roy who never stopped working right to the end would have loved it. I hope his wife the lovely and talented film maker Brenda Siemer Scheider will get his royalty check!


The internationally acclaimed Eroica Piano Trio will perform Bruce Wolosoff's "Tantric Scherzo", along with works by Beethoven, Gershwin, and Ravel,

at Guild Hall in East Hampton on Sunday July 17th at 6:30 P.M. Bruce Wolosoff is a year-round resident of Shelter Island and has been a visiting artist at the Hayground School in Bridgehampton for the past 8 years. Coincidentally, I met Bruce, a brilliant composer and musician through Roy Scheider one of the Hayground School co-founders!


Andy Roddick

French design house Lacoste famed for its polo shirts has teamed up with the likes of Catherine Malandrino, Andy Roddick, and contemporary Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng, but its latest collaboration might just top them all: Jonathan Adler and a French needle pointing nun.

Adler’s collaboration with the preppy sportswear brand includes a “Super Limited Edition” collection of just 12 polo shirts, each entirely needle pointed by hand, by the aforementioned nun—a task that reportedly takes 400 hours per shirt.

The Polo will be packaged inside a ceramic crocodile and sold for a yet-to-be-determined amount—but suffice it to say that it will likely be significantly more expensive than the other offerings from the collaboration, which will retail for $150 (“Special Edition”) and $250 (“Limited Edition”).

Photos By:RD/Dziekan/Leon/Kabik/Retna