Steven Spielberg

SUMMER … IS IT OVER? --- As far as Hollywood is concerned; your summer is officially over. With Transformers 3 opening Friday; Larry Crowne tomorrow … and, what might be the surprise hit of this summer Horrible Bosses, next week, followed quickly by the final Harry Potter (which will almost positively be the hit of the summer!) … that's about it for the summer of 2011. Me … I'm still waiting to see X Men: First Class and Super 8! Last night, trailers were released for two of the hoped-for Xmas hits: Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol and Steven Spielberg's Warhorse; his filmed presentation of the current Broadway-hit at Lincoln Center. Me, I've always liked Cruise. Sure, he gets more than his fair share of flak … but, I think in his attempt to diffuse any such thing from happening; actually draws more fire. I hear he is nothing but professional and prepared when working on a movie and at the end of the day, you can't ask for more than that. I liked him the most in War of The Worlds; Rain Man; Vanilla Sky and Minority Report; not so much in The Last Samurai and Far And Away. Let's face it; he was gold in Tropic Thunder; though the joke was played out a bit too long in the media. In the trailer it was great to see him working alongside Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton and the always terrific Tom Wilkinson. And, though there was a tad too much running about and dodging the odd car crash … it was just the first trailer after all. Warhorse on the other hand, was all-Spielberg-ian; moody, atmospheric and totally captivating. The Lincoln Center-production didn't blow me away (though it had its moments), but the trailer had me in seconds. I predict this will be a must-see this holiday season.


FORGOTTEN HITS? --- There is a site called Forgotten Hits, presided over by one Kent Kotal, that is a must-read for lovers of the hits and artists of yesteryear. Although, that said … the one rather provocative questioner that keeps coming up on their reader-feedback is what exactly is an oldie? Sure, Freddy Cannon's “Palisades Park” (which is featured in the current X Man: First Class movie-which has grossed $133 million worldwide and has somewhat rejuvenated his career) is an oldie (from May 1962) but, if you liked a Steely Dan song in college and occasionally listen to Yes and Emerson, Lake and Palmer … does that qualify you as rather dodgy, oldies-devotee? With the amount of legacy bands touring this summer … it does certainly raise the question of what really is an oldie … not too mention being an oldies fan. I was turned onto this site by radio-guru Tom Cuddy several years back and have myself, become a major fan. A big plus in my book, is the consistently good feedback from the readers. They may not be buying record anymore, but their memory of history is astounding, and, Kent's accuracy and writings are sensational. Check it out here....


Joe Piscopo As Frank Sinatra

CALLING JOE! --- This is no joke: After more than 25 years as a popular Atlantic City headline attraction, Joe Piscopo, is taking it to the next level and taking up residence at the new Resorts Casino Hotel with the opening of his very own nightclub, Club Piscopo. Though you may remember the comedian from his Saturday Night Live shenanigans with Eddie Murphy, the multi-talented comedian and actor has partnered with Resorts to create a new kind of AC club with an old-school show biz vibe that premieres Thursday, July 1 for its 4th of July Grand Opening Weekend. Club Piscopo will feature a variety of acts, comedians and bands that will entertain audiences every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer. The format will include regular appearances by Piscopo and other well-known entertainers, including jazz artists, musicians, and up-and-coming comedians in an intimate setting. “This is going to be a hang place, where people can come and see an eclectic mix of entertainment. I've always wanted to open a place of my own in AC.” This weekend, he'll be joined by comedian Jeff Norris and a 10-piece swing band. Me, I've always loved him doing his Sinatra-shtick. Funny man ... always has ... good luck Joe! I hope he kills!


BE JEALOUS - - - Looking forward to this evening's Be Jealous photographic event at The Keeley Gallery in Lower Manhattan at Gallery 151. In this body of new work, Ryan Keeley collaborates with one of today’s best up and coming fashion photographer, Richard Guaty. The two combine forces to create a series of provocative images that cross the lines between fashion photography, abstract expressionism, and experimental printing. Each piece contains many layers of hand distressed photo images that are blended between thick compounds of acrylics and enamels. Each layer contains countless possibilities that stand out as beautiful distractions. One can become lost in the beauty of each model shot by Guaty and become fascinated with Keeley's wildly experimental printing methods and aggressive additions to each photo. The two artists working together take post production of photos to a new level by elevating the final product into collectible pieces of fine art. Should be terrific!

Photos By: RD/Kirkland/Dziekan/Retna

Piscopo Photo courtesy Of Randex Publicity